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Netflix’s iconic story of plucky teens battling the forces of another dimension isn’t without a couple of cool-looking cars. For instance, last season featured a menacing Chevrolet Camaro and the continued tenure of the deathtrap 1976 Ford Pinto. However, there is a car that may have slipped under the radar for Stranger Things 4 viewers despite having starred in every season. Enter Steve Harrington’s car, a BMW 733i. 

What car does Steve Harrington drive in Stranger Things 4? 

Stranger Things 4 features some cool vehicles like Steve Harrington's car
Stranger Things 4 has come pretty cool cars | Jakub Porzycki, Getty Images

Joe Keery’s character Steve Harrington drives a classic maroon BMW 733i. The car is a refined, subtle, and classic example of 1980s BMW engineering. It is a departure from the angular shapes of the 3 and 5 Series, with an aggressive sharkish nose. Harrington’s 7 Series is a solid, six-cylinder car with presence and seating for much of the Stranger Things crew. 

Furthermore, the artistic decision of pairing the BMW 733i with Harrington does a lot for the character. First, when observed against the backdrop of American land yachts in Hawkins, Indiana, the car sticks out. For a good reason, too. Harrington comes from money and, at first, seems a bit out of touch. The BMW is a solid automotive interpretation of that initial elitism. 

Steve Harrington is a character in Stranger Things 4
Joe Keery plays Steve Harrington, who drives his BMW in the show | Jerod Harris, Getty Images

As the show progresses into Stranger Things 4, Harrington works several menial jobs and ferries friends in his beloved Bimmer. The car transitions from a status symbol to a practical member of the team. Consequently, the car fits the character well, and they change together. Much like the Saab 900 Turbo in Drive My Car, the creative minds behind Stranger Things were likely deliberate in this automotive pairing. 

How much is the BMW from Stranger Things?

According to Hagerty, savvy shoppers can find a BMW 733i like Harrington’s in good condition for a mere $6,300. However, some of the most recent sales hover around the $20,000. That is a pretty sweet-looking car for not a ton of money. 

Unfortunately, the car felt the impact of the American oil crisis and new emissions regulations when it was made. As a result, the 7 Series of the time was slower and underpowered compared to its European market counterparts. 

What other cars are in Stranger Things 4?

Unfortunately, fans likely won’t see the return of the demonic 1979 Chevrolet Camaro, but there are a couple of pretty sweet machines hidden in plain sight. One such example is the Oldsmobile 442, which belongs to the estranged patriarch of the Byers family. The car is a welcome sight for a show set in the Malaise era of American automotive history. 

Will there be other cool cars in the show?

There will likely be some pretty excellent vehicular time capsules in Stranger Things 4 moving forward. As Netflix plans to carry out the latest season in two separate installments, there is a lot of time left for new characters and their cars. However, viewers who go back into the show’s catalog will likely find gems like first-generation Mustangs, Camaros, and air-cooled Volkswagens

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