Stolen $625,000 Ferrari 488 and GTC4 Lusso Found Hiding in Plain Sight

Owning both a Ferrari 488 Spider and a GTC4 Lusso is an amazing feat, given that the supercar pair costs over $625,000. However, one New York man that owned these two Ferrari models had them stolen on the same day.

According to CBS Boston, car thieves managed to break into a garage and drive off with the two exotics in question. After traveling a considerable distance, police managed to find the cars. However, they were hiding in a very unusual place.

How do you steal a Ferrari 488 and GTC4 Lusso in broad daylight?

An image of a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso outdoors.
Ferrari GTC4 Lusso | Ferrari

This stolen Ferrari 488 Spider and GTC4 Lusso starts in Oyster Bay, New York. According to CBS Boston, thieves reportedly spotted the pair of Ferraris sitting in a parking garage. The owner of these cars told CBS Boston:

“They broke into the garage and just drove the cars right out.”

Anonymous Ferrari Owner via CBS Boston

To drive the cars out, the thieves must’ve found a way to break into the cars but start them as well. As we saw in our stolen Lamborghini story last week, some devices frequently used by car thieves can essentially make copies of your car’s keys. Thieves can unlock your car with these devices, get in, and drive off as normal.

Thankfully for this Ferrari 488 Spider and GTC4 Lusso owner, he installed a hidden GPS tracking device in one of the cars. As a result, police officers were able to track down the pair. However, the two cars turned up in a very unusual location.

Police tracked the cars down to a shipping container

According to CBS Boston, police caught up with the Ferrari 488 Spider and the GTC4 Lusso in Worcester, Massachusetts. For context, that is around 180 miles from where the thieves initially stole the cars. As you can see from the video embedded above, the thieves stored the stolen supercars in shipping containers. Additionally, they abandoned the containers behind a massive warehouse.

According to CBS Boston, the warehouse owner reportedly knew nothing of the stolen Ferrari 488 Spider and GTC4 Lusso. In fact, the owner told CBS Boston that people leave shipping containers in his yard constantly, despite his best efforts to stop them. Thankfully, the video shows that the cars were not harmed during their time away from home.

Given the crime’s sophistication, the owner believes that the thieves are likely part of a ring of car thieves. Unfortunately, CBS Boston reports that police haven’t made any arrests in connection to this story.

Where were these cars going?

An image of a red Ferrari 488 GTB on a race track.
Ferrari 488 GTB | Ferrari

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Since the Ferrari 488 Spider and the GTC4 Lusso were stashed away in shipping containers, let’s look into where they might’ve been going.

According to CNBC, cars that get smuggled away in shipping containers usually go to countries which high demand for luxury cars but low supply. CNBC reports that this includes many countries in West Africa. However, stolen cars go from the U.S. to places all around the world. This is likely why the two exotics were still intact.

To increase the number of cars they can smuggle, thieves hang chains inside the shipping containers to suspend the cars from the ceiling. As a result, a few cars can travel in just one shipping container. Thankfully, this didn’t happen to these two expensive Ferrari models.