Stolen Dodge Challenger and Charger Models Are a Major Problem – Dodge Steps In

Depending on what flavor you pick for your V8-powered Dodge Challenger or Charger, these muscle cars can develop over 800 hp. While this makes Dodge’s lineup appealing to enthusiasts, they’ve also caught the attention of thieves across the U.S. The problem is so bad that the American carmaker has decided to step in with a brand-new software solution.

According to Stellantis, a new passcode-locked system will limit your car’s output to just 3 hp. The goal here is that even if a thief gets into your car and starts it up, they won’t be able to make a speedy getaway. The best part of this software update is that it’s completely free.

How bad is this Dodge Challenger and Charger problem?

An image of a Dodge Challenger and Charger out on an airfield.
Dodge Challenger and Charger | Stellantis

This Dodge Challenger and Charger problem is quite severe. In fact, The Drive reported recently that thieves have stolen over 1,000 of these cars in the last year or so around the Detroit area alone.

As you might expect, this problem also persists throughout other parts of the country. Given that a brand-new version of one of these cars can cost well over $80,000, owners are understandably concerned.

According to The Drive, the most common explanation of why thieves love these machines has to go with relay hacking. In short, thieves can purchase a small device that detects the signal from your key fob and creates a copy. With easy access to your car, all they have to do is unlock it and start it up.

Since so many Dodge Challenger and Charger models have disappeared, Dodge developed an ingenious solution.

This new system limits your V8 muscle car to 3 hp

An image of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat outdoors.
Dodge Challenger | Stellantis

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It’s called Security Mode, and it aims to keep your Dodge Challenger and Charger safe by one simple method, a passcode. With the system engaged, your car can start up as normal. However, its engine speed will be limited to just 675 rpm. If you want to unlock your car’s normal power output, you’ll input your passcode on the main infotainment screen, and your car goes back to normal.

The goal here is to stop thieves from getting away in your Dodge Challenger or Charger. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that this system works on cars equipped with the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine or the 6.4-liter naturally-aspirated V8. At such a low engine speed, Stellantis claims these engines produce around 3 hp and 22 lb-ft.

Aside from stopping thieves before trying to take off, the system also stops high-speed chases with police officers.

How much does this upgrade cost?

An image of a Dodge Challenger and Charger out on an airfield.
Dodge Challenger and Charger | Stellantis

The best part of this Dodge Challenger and Charger upgrade is that it’s completely free. According to Stellantis, any owners that have a car equipped with a 6.4 or 6.2-liter engine from 2015 to 2021 can have this system added to their car by any local dealership free of charge. As a result, keeping your high-horsepower investment safe just got a whole lot easier.