Dodge Chargers and Challengers Are Getting Stolen At Alarming Rates

The theft of Dodge Challengers and Chargers has spiked in recent months. It has gotten so bad that the Sterling Heights Police Department outside of Detroit, has issued a warning to owners in the Detroit Metro area. Thieves are taking them at a rapid clip. Within a 10-day spread, four high-speed chases involving a Challenger or Charger occurred according to Sterling Heights Police. 

These high-speed chases usually involve areas with pedestrians, traffic, and police pursuing from behind. Sometimes if the chase isn’t going well the suspect or suspects will call ahead for a friend to park a getaway car. Then they drive up to the parked car, get into it, and drive off. They keep it at normal speeds so as not to attract attention. It can sometimes be like the Wild West in your city or neighborhood.

Cars get stolen from driveways at night and busy parking lots by day

A man wearing a balaclava, holding a wrecking bar, about to break open the side door of a vehicle | Getty

But thieves aren’t just swiping them off of city streets. Recently, thieves broke into Sterling Dodge on busy Van Dyke Avenue to purloin a fleet of Hellcats. When a cleaning crew came upon the thieves they ran off. But typically the Dodge muscle cars get stolen from driveways at night and busy parking lots during the day. 

There are things you can do regardless of whether you are driving one of these Dodges or just a Kia. Everything is needed for chop shops so thieves aren’t picky. You can install an alarm system or a GPS tracker like LoJack. Parking in a secure garage is another safe bet as the car is out of sight. When all else fails parking in a well-lit area shines a light on those who might be eyeing your car.

This DIY the video below shows another way to spoil thieves

A white 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye drives on a racetrack
2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye | Dodge

Even if it is stolen with the number of security cameras if the area is well-lit it could make it easier to identify the suspect. And finally, if you’re into a little DIY the video below shows another way to spoil thieves from breaking into your car if you follow along. Stick with the video to the end because he also shows how to get back into your car if the battery dies. 

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Thieves are mostly looking for flashy and fast-both attributes of the Charger and Challenger. They are the most stolen vehicles in the US according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. They are five times more likely to be stolen than the average between 2016 and 2018 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Those are a lot of stats leading one to believe if they own one of these to secure them.