Stealthy Cargo Trailer RV Camper Is More Than Meets the Eye

This cargo trailer RV camper is a stealthy home on wheels for Cedric Denis, an avid skier, and active outdoors enthusiast. In the summer months, he works as a farmer. However, come the snow and freezing temperatures and Cedric takes his trailer to the mountains for a seasonal skier’s lifestyle. The trailer RV build is customized to suit the needs of this amazing simple life.

Imagine sleeping at the trailhead and then waking up, stepping into your boots, clipping in, and hitting the mountain. The skier is a professional guide during the winter for supplemental income. Yet, as we see in the video, Cedric is primarily a snow chaser that lives to bomb down the mountain. If you love to ski or board, you can probably understand the allure of this lifestyle. This is essentially living on the mountain and skiing or boarding day in and day out––never missing a day on the mountain unless you just decide to kick back in your cargo trailer conversion for a day of R & R.

Cargo trailer camper

There are several options for camper conversions. We see box trucks, school buses, and vans and built out into tiny mobile houses. Vanlife is a growing craze. Especially with the new push to social distance, more and more people are researching and considering a conversion for mobile living. This particular cargo trailer RV camper is simple yet aesthetically pleasing and effecting. Plus, it’s a constant work in progress that Cedric is continuously brainstorming and improving as he goes.

He built it with his dad

The skier built out the conversion with his father, a craftsman. In the tour above, Cedric describes telling his dad about his idea for the project. He was worried that his dad may not be on board, but was happily surprised when he was met with enthusiasm. According to Cedric, the entire project would have been more difficult without the help of his father––a professional.

Between the two of them, they acquired a discreet black cargo trailer and began the transformation to cargo trailer camper. The first step was an inch and a half of spray foam insulation. This is an absolute must for creating a cozy mountain hideout on wheels. After that, the wood went in for the walls. This was done with plywood cut and crafted in a tongue and groove fashion. There are cabinets, an outside closet garage in the rear, and a wood-burning stove to keep warm.

Camper life creature comforts

Creature comforts like electricity and USB device charging are enabled by the solar panels mounted outside. Only 300 Watts are necessary for Cedric’s sweet snow life. When he doesn’t cook on top of the wood burner, there is a propane camp stove. A Yeti cooler inside is his refrigerator, and one outside is his freezer. He decided to forgo any water pipes to prevent issues with freezing, so the adventurer uses two different sized water jugs and a bowl set into the countertop for water.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a great truck for towing a cargo trailer RV camper
2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 | Chevrolet

There’s a pull-out couch bed, hangers for gear and clothing, and plenty of storage. It’s all pulled by a 4×4 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck that neatly fits his mountain bike and surfboard in the bed beneath a tonneau. Because, of course, skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only adventurous pastimes that pique Cedric’s interest.


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The result is a simple cargo trailer RV camper that is equipped for full time living. The only question that remains is what about a shower and bathroom? Because he is likely parked at or near a ski resort most of the time, we can assume Cedric uses the facilities there. Additionally, there are always gas station showers. Plus, many people who have switched to vanlife use a gym membership and regularly shower at the gym. For everything in between, a sponge bath will do just fine.