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Camper van purchases are on the rise and many manufacturers are getting on the bandwagon. Winnebago is the latest company cashing in on the trend. But, wait, doesn’t Winnebago only make those large tour bus RVs?

Well, yes, it does. However, Winnebago makes more than that. It offers motorhomes and camper vans as well. The famous RV company has expanded to meet modern-day camping needs. Winnebago’s website shows off all the models.

The models Winnebago offers for campers

Winnebago builds three different types of campers. The first one is a Class A model. This is the more familiar build. These are bus-like RVs that offer sleeping, cooking, and dining spaces for a large group of people. 

It’s what it first started making when the company got into the camping business. However, these are huge and much harder to get around in as ExpeditionMotorhomes explains. 

The second type of campers are Class C models. These are ones that have a trailer camper installed on a truck/van chassis. It comes with a separate cab in the front. 

These are smaller than the bus-sized version, but still offer plenty of space for two to four people. Class C models are a little easier to get around in, but you still have limited places to park it. 

The last type of camper model is Class B, which is your typical camper van. These vans usually come with a sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom.

These are much smaller than what you’d find in a Class A or C model. Because Class B campers are so small, you can maneuver them easier, get better gas mileage, and you’ll find more available spots to park. 

What do these camper vans offer?

The three most popular trims Winnebago produces are the Solis, Revel, and the Boldt. The Boldt sits on a 24-ft Mercedes-Benz chassis and comes with a 3.0-liter V6 diesel motor. 

It’s built with extensive insulation to keep the inside either warm or cool, depending on the outside temperatures. It has a four-wheel drivetrain and comes with a ton of driver’s assistance features. 

The Solis trim has a pop-up sleeping area at the top. You can choose to have a queen-size Murphy bed installed in the rear of the vehicle. You could also opt for a sleeper sofa that comes with a seatbelt for you or a child. 

It offers a heated bathroom and is insulated for all types of weather. The MSRP is $100,667, which makes it the cheapest of the Winnebago line. 

The Revel is basically a portable campsite. Its four-wheel drivetrain allows you to drive wherever you want and camp out in the spot you of your choice. 

Everything you need for camping is in the van. All you have to do is set up a campfire and sit out under the stars. The cost of this camper van runs about $60,000 more than you would pay for the Solis.

Why choose a Winnebago over any other camper van on the market?

There are many camper van brands out there, including Mercedes-Benz sprinters, Airstream, and Caravan Outfitter to name just a few. So, if there are so many to choose from, why consider a Winnebago?

Winnebago makes camper vans that appeal to just about anybody who loves to camp. You can opt for an affordable one, an energy and fuel-efficient model, or you can choose to camp in style and luxury. Whatever your needs, Winnebago has a trim that will match it.

Winnebago is an Iowa-based manufacturing company that has been making camper RVs for a long time. In fact, it’s been in business since 1958, so it knows its stuff when it comes to camping. 

Building camper vans is a relatively new concept to the company, but it’s not all that much different from the Class A models it’s been producing for a long time. The vans are much smaller, of course, but Winnebago had no problem creating ones that fit like a glove for those who wanted to camp with something they take almost anywhere.

If you’re looking to jump into the new camping trend, why not consider the Winnebago?


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