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Car crashes are an unfortunately common occurrence around America. However, there are places that tend to see more of them than others. There’s one intersection in Seattle, WA, that is known to be particularly treacherous. What’s the deal with all these car crashes? Is this intersection cursed, or is it just a bit of poor city planning? 

Screen shot from a video of an intersection in Seattle, WA
Cursed intersection | YouTube: Michael B

Why are some intersections so dangerous? 

According to The Drive, this intersection in Seattle, WA – the I-5 off-ramp near the Seattle Convention Center – has been the subject of an internet compilation video showing an astounding amount of the same exact crashes. 

Not only are there dozens of crashes in the video compilation, but they are all the exact same thing. The frequency and consistency of the crashes at this intersection have led some to start questioning whether the city should do something about it. There is clearly a problem here.

The Drive explains that Michael Basconcillo, who posted the above compilation to YouTube, has been keeping an electric eye on this intersection for some time now. It all started when he saw a burning Lamborghini at this intersection in 2017. 

How many people have crashed here? 

A lot. It’s not hard to see why this intersection has gotten some much attention from the internet. It is a car crash magnet. The video first surfaced where all silly internet things surface, Reddit. Reddit’s /r/IdiotsInCars first hosted the video last spring. I saw hundreds of thousands of views. Now making its rounds on Twitter, the infamous intersection is getting more attention. 

Why is everyone crashing here? 

Cars crashing at an intersection
Cursed intersection | YouTube: Michael B

Waze Navigation App Appeared to Predict a Car Crash Moments Before it Happened

The Drive pulled up Google maps to get a better idea of the road leading to this intersection. The video frame only shows the exit of a tunnel and the four-way intersection. Google maps shows a short, one-lane exit ramp from the highway – a 60-mph speed limit – to a sharp curve to a 20-mph speed limit before the light. 

A spokesperson from the Washington Department of Transportation told The Drive that there are approximately 464 feet of roadway from the exit to the center of the sharp curve where the accidents are occurring. This works out to give drivers approximately 5.25 seconds to slow from 60 mph to get to the appropriate speed. Granted, that is enough time for drivers who are engaged and paying attention, but if you relaxed for even a moment, you might find yourself running along the wall at 60 mph. 

Has the city done anything to fix it?

The Drive also notes that while the city might need to rework the exit ramp, there have been some safety measures taken to help warn drivers of the upcoming curve. There are several warnings to drivers to slow down. Seattle city officials put in a 30-mph sign at the solid white line before the exit, a 20-mph sign before the exit, a 20-mph warning below the exit sign, a stoplight warning sign, several arrows, and chevrons, as well as reflective markings on the concrete barriers. Even still, people seem to be running through these warning signs like water through a tin horn.