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Did you know you can scan a Jeep grille with your phone? Thanks to a new Snapchat lens called ‘Jeep Code,’ users can scan the classic Jeep grille with their phone camera for a surprise. Don’t get too excited; it’s not a new version of Pokemon Go. However, we still think hunting Jeeps in the wild and scanning their seven-slot grille with this technology is pretty cool.

What is the Jeep Code Snapchat lens?

According to CarScoops, the new Snapchat lens called Jeep Code allows users to scan the grille on any Jeep model. As a result, the user will receive more information about that particular vehicle. The platform leverages machine-learning capabilities to determine the exact Jeep model the user scanned using augmented reality technology. Then, it gives them more information, allows them to configure and price a Jeep online, browse local inventory, and even start buying one.

“The new Jeep Code lens provides our Jeep enthusiasts a revolutionary, new, virtual shopping experience with an easy point of their smartphone. More and more, vehicle purchases are being conducted in the digital realm and this is a great way for new or potential customers to instantaneously experience the Jeep showroom at their convenience, learn about our exciting vehicle lineup, search available inventory and connect with a local dealer.”

William Levasseur, vice president of sales and marketing at Jeep Canada

What’s the point of scanning a Jeep grille?

Front View of Jeep Wrangler - what happens when you scan a jeep grille with your phone? the new snapchat lens jeep code provides information.
Jeep Wrangler | Getty Images

According to the automaker, Jeep Code will allow it to streamline the buying process and appeal to younger consumers. Jeep believes this system will allow younger people interested in Jeeps by ensuring “they’re connected quickly to the right vehicles in their area.” This will work with any Jeep vehicle that wears the seven-slot grille. Moreover, brand new models like the Grand Wagoneer L and Wagoneer L are scannable.

Now, instead of asking the owner of the new model questions, users can scan the grille. Furthermore, passersby can easily take an interest in a nearby parked Jeep. Finally, they’ll be able to find all the information they need about the beautiful Jeep they’ve spotted with a quick scan on their phone. However, if you live in a state that requires front license plates, it’ll definitely look like you’re photographing someone’s tags.

Volvo Street Configurator does something similar


Free Smartphone Apps That Car Owners Will Love

Volvo previously unveiled a smartphone app with similar functionality to Jeep Code. Moreover, the Volvo Street Configurator app is touted to “turn the streets into one giant showroom.” In short, users can take photos of a parked Volvo on the street; then, the app uses AI to compare the image with a massive database of possible spec combinations to determine the model, color, and trim level.

As a result, users can instantly access information and the ability to buy the vehicle in question. Volvo initially launched the application to allow Belgians to see their latest cars despite the cancellation of the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium in 2022. However, it can serve the same purpose as Jeep’s new scanning capability.

You can scan a Jeep grille with your phone

In conclusion, scanning a Jeep grille with your phone will provide you with a host of information about that particular model. Users can instantly configure and purchase the model they found on the street. Along with Volvo, Jeep is taking a step into the future of online car shopping. Should we expect more apps and scanning capabilities like these from competing automakers in the future?