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Audi has a new augmented reality display for the Q4 e-tron and it looks a lot like the one Mercedes recently released. “Augmented Reality Head-Up Display” or AR-HUD technology is making its way into Audi cars and it looks pretty awesome.

These systems are optional for the new cars for now but will help drivers navigate without having to look away from the road. Check out the rumored specs for Audi’s new augmented reality display.

Audi’s take on the augmented reality display

The new augmented reality head-up display will offer drivers an easier way of navigating while behind the wheel. The Verge explains some of the features Audi’s new system will use.

Red and green lines will show drivers when your car is too close to another car. This is coupled with adaptive cruise control to monitor how far away the car in front is.

In addition to that, the colored lines will help drivers stay in the correct lane. Step-by-step navigation will use arrows to help guide drivers without having to take any eyes off of the road.

“Audi says this new AR system pulls in more than 1,000 “signals” from sensors all over the Q4 E-Tron to figure out exactly where to place these AR elements — and to keep them in place, even if you are driving over a bumpy surface.”

Sean O’Kane | The Verge

This is an important feature because directions and signs come at you pretty quickly when driving at higher speeds. Being able to update these at a rapid pace in realtime is important and very complicated.

It sounds like Audi has been working pretty hard behind the scenes to make this happen. We likely won’t get to see how it works until the e-tron is fully revealed in April.

How does this compare to the Mercedes head-up display

For Mercedes, Augmented Reality Navigation follows a series of arrows that will take you around a corner or a roundabout. The arrows move quickly to follow the directions at the proper rate of speed you are traveling at. These arrows are displayed up to 33 feet or 10 meters ahead of the moving car.

Upon reaching an intersection, these arrows indicate that you need to change lanes to turn. As you arrive at your destination, a small checkered flag will indicate when you have arrived. All of these features are likely included in Audi’s new systems.

These might seem a bit distracting at first, but drivers will likely get used to the features quickly. The arrows are not large enough to distract you from driving but guide you should you need help.

How much is the Audi Q4?


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The Q4 e-tron pricing hasn’t been announced yet. Car and Driver estimated that based on Audi’s current lineup, the prestige trim would likely be upwards of $55,000. It would likely have other options like a base model starting around $50,000 and a higher-end model.

The Q4 e-tron and a sportback option. There are also multiple models in the works for 2021: the Q4, Q4 Sportback, and a Q5 in addition to the Q4 e-tron.

The Q4 e-tron is expected to have two and four-wheel-drive options, and up to 306 hp. It is also estimated to get upwards of 300 miles to a charge, but we don’t know how long a full charge will take yet.

The full details will be out next month.