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Folks, I have bad news if you were hoping to get the Ram electric truck. After less than a week, Ram was forced to close Ram 1500 REV orders, meaning that you can no longer reserve this EV . . . at least until the manufacturer is ready to produce more.

Does Ram have an electric truck?

Joining the electric truck wars with Ford, Ram finally introduced its EV truck. It is being called the Ram 1500 REV, and it’s clear that it has its sights set directly on the Ford F-150 Lightning. Ram has been teasing an electric 1500 for some time. But on Super Bowl Sunday, the world really got to see what this vehicle is all about. 

The Ram 1500 REV might be powered by batteries, but it is still a body-on-frame truck. It also looks fairly similar to the gas-powered Ram 1500. And that makes sense if the brand is hoping to convert the traditional pickup truck buyer.

A blue 2025 Ram 1500 REV electric pickup truck is charging.
The 2025 Ram 1500 REV | Ram

According to Car and Driver, the Ram 1500 REV is hoping to offer up to 500 miles of range and tow over 10,000 pounds. And I know some of you might be wondering if this electric truck is replacing the old one, and the answer is no. At least for now, you can still get a Ram 1500 with an internal combustion engine. And I do doubt that will change any time soon. 

Reservations for the Ram 1500 REV are full

After just five days, reservations for Ram’s electric truck are full. Now, these are just reservations, so it is possible for folks to cancel. But, it is impressive that so many people are interested in the benefits of an electric truck. Especially when the estimated MSRP is over $55,000. 

The back of the new range-extended Ram 1500 REV electric pickup truck.
2024 Ram 1500 REV | Stellantis

Personally, I think it does make sense that reservations filled up so quickly. On paper, it looks like the Ram 1500 REV is a real winner. It will use an 800-volt architecture, allowing it to have the same charging capability as the Hummer EV. Another perk is that it looks like a truck. 

Sometimes, it seems like manufacturers try to make EVs stand out a little too much. Have you seen the Tesla Cybertruck? Less styling can be more when it comes to these vehicles. 

Should you buy an electric truck?

It’s clear that truck manufacturers are taking electrification seriously, and it is possible an electric truck could be right for you. Now, they do tend to be more expensive than a gasoline truck. And it is important to note that things like range can dip significantly if you are actually towing something. 

The other issue might be charging infrastructure. The Biden Administration is working to improve the charging infrastructure in the United States. But that has not happened yet. Because of that, things like road trips can get a little tricky when it comes to charging an EV. 

The Ram 1500 REV is not expected to arrive until the 2025 model year. By that time, it is possible that charging stations have been vastly improved.

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