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Gas prices are rising, and there isn’t a whole lot that consumers can do about that. There are, however, ways to reduce your SUV’s mpg. This is especially important if you drive a full-size SUV, which use much more gas than the typical large or midsize SUV. So how can you save money on gas as gas prices go up? Here are some ways to keep a little more of your gas money in your pocket.

The 2021 Ford Expedition STX full-size SUV in dark blue parked on a snowy mountain trail
2021 Ford Expedition STX | The Ford Motor Company

Why are gas prices going up?

Another way to battle rising gas prices is to use an app that finds the cheapest fuel for you. There are many of these, and taking a few minutes to find a gas station with reasonable prices, as well as planning your route to get there, can help you save money on gas.

How to increase your SUV mpg

One of the best ways to maximize your SUV mpg (and minimize how much gas money you spend) when gas prices are high is to reduce your acceleration and deceleration. According to Money Crashers, cars use more gas when they’re accelerating than when they’re just coasting. If you love taking the scenic, limited-stop-light route, but haven’t been able to justify it because it’s longer, here’s your chance.

Similarly, you can start and stop gently. That will allow you to increase your SUV’s mpg by allowing it to not use too much fuel when accelerating and decelerating. According to Money Crashers, this can improve fuel consumption by 40% in stop-and-go traffic and 30% on the highway.

Large SUVs are already heavy, and that means that they’ll require more gas just to move. If you can minimize your cargo, it will allow you to get more miles from your SUV.

When gas prices are high, idling should be low

Minimizing your idling time will allow you to save money on gas when gas prices are high. When you idle, you’re burning fuel without going anywhere. One of the best ways to preserve your fuel is to avoid letting your large SUV run without going anywhere.

Similar to not letting your SUV idle, you should park your SUV in a parking spot that’s easy to access as opposed to driving around to find a closer parking space.

Another way to increase your SUV mpg is by minimizing any excessive driving that you do. Of course, this won’t actually make your SUV get more miles per gallon, but it will allow you to make the most of the mileage that you do get.

Even the most fuel-efficient 2021 SUVs shouldn’t speed

Speeding causes your SUV to burn through fuel even faster than usual. The faster you drive over 50 mph, the more gas your SUV will use. Of course, there are often times when you’ll have to drive over 50 mph, but you should avoid speeding (for more than just the usual safety reasons), especially when gas prices are high. You can even set cruise control to help you maintain a constant speed when possible.

If you have a full-size SUV, you’re probably always looking for ways to save money on gas. In addition to all of these tips, you should make sure to keep your SUV properly maintained so that it is running as efficiently as possible. That will also help your SUV mpg to be as high as possible.


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