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What makes a satisfying vehicle? Does it need to offer extreme levels of power and performance? Could it be the cargo room and features included? Maybe it’s the comfort and peace of mind provided by the vehicle? If you define a satisfying driving experience with generous cargo room, reliability, comfort, and excellent fuel mileage, the 2022 Toyota Venza is the SUV you want to drive. This vehicle delivers on all four of these qualities, giving you the SUV you can trust to take you wherever you want to go.

What’s it like to drive the 2022 Toyota Venza?

Side view of Ruby Flare Pearl 2022 Toyota Venza
Ruby Flare Pearl 2022 Toyota Venza | Toyota

According to Toyota, this SUV delivers an “intuitive driving experience with smooth acceleration, predictable handling, and low noise, vibration, and harshness.” That sounds like a pretty good combination on the road. The Venza is a hybrid SUV that reaches 39 mpg combined and offers you the benefits of an advanced Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system, making it easy to drive and reliable on any road.

Does the Venza give you enough cargo room?

The cargo area for the hybrid Toyota Venza SUV measures 28.8 cubic feet behind the rear seat and 55.1 cubic feet when you fold down the seats. By comparison, the smaller RAV4 has more cargo room for you. The area measures 40 cubic feet behind the seats and 69.8 cubic feet when the rear seats are in the down position for the compact SUV. While smaller, the Venza does give you plenty of space for nearly every driving situation you’ll face.

How comfortable is the Toyota Venza hybrid SUV?

White 2022 Toyota Venza driving
2022 Toyota Venza | Toyota

Front passengers will find ample room to sit and enjoy the ride in this Toyota. There’s enough legroom for tall drivers and a power driver’s seat at every trim. If you select the Limited trim, the front passenger also has a power seat. The rear legroom is 37.8 inches, which is generous for this class. Your rear passengers can ride along in a pleasant space that fits them well when you drive the Venza.

What does Consumer Reports think about the Venza?

Consumer Reports ranks the Toyota Venza second among midsize SUVs. Only the Subaru Outback ranks higher. The Venza is also a green choice SUV and is a recommended model. Overall, the Venza and Outback have extremely close rankings from one of the most trusted consumer sources.

The 2022 Toyota Venza is modern and well-equipped

Dark Blue 2022 Toyota Venza hybrid SUV
Dark Blue 2022 Toyota Venza | Toyota

What features will you find in the Venza SUV? Can you get what you want without paying too much? The base LE model of the Venza includes:

  • 8-way power driver’s seat
  • Hands-free power liftgate
  • 6-speaker audio system
  • 8-inch infotainment touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/Amazon Alexa
  • AWD
  • 18-inch alloy wheels

These are just a few of the features included at the base price of $32,890.

Specialized cooling for this hybrid SUV

Most air conditioning systems send cool air throughout the cabin unless you shut some of the vents to control where the airflow goes. The Toyota Venza has S-Flow cooling technology that directs the cool air to the occupied seats. It reduces energy consumption and puts more cool air where you need it. You must select the Limited and XLE trims to enjoy this feature.

Enjoy gazing at the stars in your Toyota SUV

Rear angle view of Ruby Flare Pearl Toyota Venza crossover SUV
Ruby Flare Pearl Toyota Venza | Toyota

You can opt for the Star Gaze Panoramic Roof if you have the Toyota Venza Limited. This roof, made of electrochromic glass, switches from transparent to frosted when you want to keep the direct sunlight out. You can see the stars at night and enjoy an open quality to this SUV.

Should you drive the 2022 Toyota Venza hybrid SUV?

We went a little beyond the few items that should satisfy your driving needs. You can easily see how the Venza offers modern qualities in a vehicle that does what you need. You won’t have the range anxiety of an EV, but you’ll have the fuel mileage of an advanced hybrid system. The Venza doesn’t stay in AWD at all times, but it’s there when you need it. The cargo space isn’t the largest, but it’s adequate for almost every need. Unless you need a larger vehicle, the Toyota Venza is an SUV that should make the final cut as an SUV that satisfies your driving needs.

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This article was updated on 8/16/2022.


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