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RVing with kids is a great way to get in some much-needed family time and experience new places. However, as enjoyable as RVing with kids can be, RVing as a family does have its challenges. The good news is that these tips for RVing with kids can help you not only overcome those challenges but have a truly unforgettable family RV trip. 

Include the kids when planning your next RV trip

A man and woman RVing with their kids and a small brown dog
RVing with kids. | MINDY SCHAUER, The Orange County Register/MediaNews Group via Getty Images

You’ll more than likely have to do a good amount of planning before hitting the road for your next family RV trip. If you plan on bringing the kids along, Camping World reports that having the kids assist with that planning can help teach them to not only voice their opinions and listen to others but also learn how to compromise.

“Have the kids research where they’d like to visit. Let them present their ideas and why they’d like to visit a destination. You can give everyone a voice and then decide where to go next,” explains Camping World.

Trailer Life had a similar take on the importance of planning as a family if you’re RVing with kids. In fact, Trailer Life reports letting your kids help plan where you’ll visit, what you’ll see, and where you’ll stay is one of the best parts of planning an RV trip with kids.

Get organized and set expectations before hitting the road

An RV driving down the road.
RV driving down an open road. | Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images

An important part of RVing with kids is getting organized. RVs aren’t the most spacious of places and if you’re RVing with kids? Odds are you’ve got a ton of gear on hand. 

“Create organized spaces for them to store their own toys, books, activities, whatever it is they decide to bring and to have them put their things away when they aren’t using them,” suggests KOA.

Sit down with your kids and discuss trip expectations too. Determine whether or not electronics will be allowed during your trip. Also, decide if your kids will be responsible for certain camping-related chores. KOA recommends giving your kids a primer on campground etiquette too.

Make some room for kids to play in and outside of the RV

Kids playing with their mother in front of their RV.
Kids playing in front of an RV. | Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

From day hikes to smores by the campfire, chances are you’ve got a ton of fun family activities planned for RVing with kids. But here’s the thing, some days your kids won’t want to leave the RV. Other days? You could run into the kind of stormy weather that really doesn’t lend itself to outdoor activities.

That’s why Trailer Life suggests creating an outdoor play space and bringing along games like wiffle ball or ring toss. And when it comes to those rainy days? Be sure to stock up on board games and playing cards. 

“And if all else fails, throw on a movie and cuddle up. Most RVs are fully equipped to watch a DVD or even stream from a phone,” Trailer Life added.

There’s nothing wrong with downtime when RVing with kids

Kids relaxing in a hammock, a good downtime activity when RVing with kids.
Kids swinging in a hammock. | Natalie Kolb/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

As many activities as you have planned for RVing with your kids, it’s important to take some time to kick back and relax too. After all, planning for and actually going on a trip makes for hard work. 

Instead of constantly being on the go, Trailer Life suggests relaxing around the campfire as a family. Taking some time to lounge in a hammock and read a new book. Or, better yet, put that outdoor play space to good use and play a good old game of ring toss. 

Don’t forget to have a sense of humor when RVing with kids

A woman playing frisbee while RVing with kids
A family enjoying an RV vacation. Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Not every family RV trip is going to go as planned. Mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen along the way. What’s most important is how you handle those mistakes and mishaps.

Instead of stressing yourself out? Go RVing recommends packing a sense of humor when RVing with kids. They added, “If something can go wrong then it will go wrong. It’s murphy’s law. Don’t let it spoil your trip.”


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