You’re Going to Want to Check Out These RV Trip-Planning Apps

There’s no denying that traveling in an RV can be pretty exciting. But, it can also be pretty overwhelming. Especially when it comes to actually planning your RV trip. How do you choose a campsite? Where can you stop to take a well-deserved break along the way? Fortunately, while even the best of RV trips require a significant amount of planning, there are plenty of RV trip-planning apps out there that will help you plan a successful RV trip.

RVs parked along the coast at sunset with view over the sea.
RVs parked along the coast at sunset with view over the sea. | Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

RV Trip Wizard will help you find the perfect RV campsite

Before hitting the road for your next RV trip, you’re going to need to do some homework. Fortunately, with an app like RV Trip Wizard, that homework won’t be all that difficult. According to KOA, RV Trip Wizard can help you find your ideal campground, plan out your road trip, and even calculate how much your trip will cost you. This RV trip-planning app also features a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to visualize your intended route. Pretty neat, right?

This RV trip-planning app is a favorite among seasoned travelers

RV Trip Wizard isn’t the only RV trip-planning app out there. According to Go RV’ing, Roadtrippers is a favorite among RV travelers. Much like RV Trip Wizard, Roadtrippers allows you to plan your route using the app. What’s neat about this app, though, is that it’s put together a collection of the best and most interesting cultural, historical, and natural attractions. The app also allows you to search for RV campgrounds and RV service locations, which is sure to come in handy at some point.

Packr makes sure you don’t leave anything behind

You’ve planned your route, used Roadtrippers to identify some neat historical landmarks along the way. Now it’s time to pack for your trip. This is where an RV trip-planning app like Packr comes in handy. This app is available on iOS devices and will help you put together a packing list so that nothing gets left behind. That’s not all either. This app also offers a family mode, and even includes an eight-day weather forecast, and will update your packing list depending on what the forecast looks like.

A neatly packed suitcase
Use an RV trip-planning app like Packr to help prep for your next trip. | Anne Cutting via Getty Images

An RV trip-planning app that will take you to the nearest gas station

At this point, we’ve covered planning and packing for your trip. What about once you’re on the road? What if you need to find a gas station along the way? After all, you’re going to need to fill up that fuel tank of yours. That’s when an app like GasBuddy can be helpful. GasBuddy will not only help you find a filling station on your route, but it will also help you save money along the way. This RV trip-planning app enables you to track how much you’re spending on gas too.

Stay safe with the Offline Survival Manual

Now, this app isn’t exactly an RV trip-planning app. That being said, Campanda says it could come in handy while at the campground or if you happen to run into some type of emergency during your trip. It features a wealth of information, all of which could be useful if you have questions about basic first-aid or how to make a campfire. It also works offline. The bad news is it’s only available to Android users. Fortunately, there are similar options available to iOS users.


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Making the most of your trip with RV trip-planning apps

If these apps don’t quite do it for you, that’s ok. There are plenty of RV trip-planning apps out there, and this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.