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Look, death sucks, but if you have to catch a ride to the cemetery, you might as well get there with some steeze; at least, that’s how the folks at Biemme Special Cars feel about it. Biemme has taken a Rolls-Royce Ghost, stretched it, station wagoned it, and whatever else it takes to turn a Rolls-Royce into a hearse. Would you book the Ghoster (that’s actually what they call it) for a loved one or yourself? Maybe it would be a solid way to stunt until your last ride. 

What is the most expensive hearse you can get? 

Rolls-Royce Ghost turned hearse
Ghoster Hearse | Biemme

To be honest, I haven’t spent much time shopping for hearses. I believe this is probably due to the fact that I am well-adjusted and haven’t had to bury many of my people. That said, this Rolls-Royce Ghoster must be one of the fanciest hearses ever to roll the hallowed grounds. Look at this thing. It might be a hearse, but it is very lovely. The lines of the extended rear and roof are exquisite. Although Rolls-Royce didn’t build the doom-mobile, it certainly looks like it could have. 

Clearly, the extended roof was always going to be what your eye is drawn to with this machine. Biemme did well not to try and hide it but instead draw even more attention to it with the bronze dual-tone paint scheme. The Italian coachbuilder not only gave the Ghoster a slick paint job but also stretched the wheelbase with a tubular sub-frame covered by additional steel bodywork. 

What does the inside of a hearse look like?

Inside of the Biemme Ghoster hearse
Ghoster Hearse interior | Biemme

Again, I won’t claim to be an expert here, but the inside of this Biemme Ghoster hearse looks more like some tech billionaire’s super yacht than a dead sled. The insides are covered in a posh mixture of finely crafted wood and leather, customizable LED lighting, and an electric tray to help move our friends in the back to where they need to go.

For some reason, Biemme mentions that Rolls puts 100 kg of sound-deadening material in the Ghost, then goes on to say the Ghoster has an ​​18-speaker hi-fi system with a 1,300-watt output. This feels like a strange detail to mention in a hearse spec sheet. 

Another strange thing to highlight on a hearse spec sheet is the V12 engine making 562 hp. Coffins are heavy, but they aren’t that heavy. Not heavy enough for dudes to be shopping for hearses based on how much pull them bad boys get. This is what makes the Italians such a treasured group of people. Of course, an Italian coachbuilder would shamelessly tout features like the stereo and V12. In a hearse.

How much does the Biemme Ghoster cost? 

The Ghoster hearse is a Rolls-Royce Ghost that has been transformed into a hearse by Italian company Biemme.
Ghoster hearse | Biemme

Biemme’s website doesn’t tell us how much the modded Rolls-Royce costs, but based on the starting price of the Rolls-Royce Ghost at $355,000, I think it’s wise to expect to pay a hefty sum for the meat wagon. As cliche as it might be, you can’t take it with you, so you might as well flex on the rollout, right?