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There are plenty of RVs out there to choose from. They come in all different styles and sizes. There are motorhomes, camper vans, and trailer RV models. But this entry-level retro camper with a boat for a roof is the American Dream trailer.

The American Dream trailer parked in a meadow with snowcapped mountains behind
The American Dream Camper Trailer | American Dream Trailer Company

If you are looking for a lightweight trailer camper with a style that accompanies your eclectic identity, the retro-inspired American Dream trailer is one to check out. For example, it’s not crazy expensive and it can be towed by a wide range of vehicles––plus the roof is a rowboat. 

The American Dream trailer is a unique camper that’s perfect for almost everyone

an orange and white boat trailer parked by the shore in a wooded area
American Dream Trailer | American Dream Trailer Company via Facebook

Inspired by a throwback 1961 trailer, a fun retro style lends to the uniqueness of the American Dream camper trailer. It’s designed to offer a simple yet awesome camper experience to its owners. The American Dream trailer is small. 

With just a 4’x8’ footprint, this camper trailer weighs in at just 650 pounds. It’s a fiberglass trailer and boat combo that offers a great place to camp plus a nice day of adventure on the lake. It removes the logistics hassle that bringing a camper and a boat along on the trip can often be because the boat is the roof of your camper until you actually need it. 

It only sleeps two people, which is probably this camper’s biggest downside. But for family camping, there’s no reason that parents can’t sleep in the camper while the children get the real camping experience of sleeping on the ground in a tent just outside. 

Camper creature comforts

American Dream Travel Trailer camping near a lakeshore
American Dream Trailer | American Dream Trailer Company

In addition to a sleeping area, there’s also a cooking and storage galley in the back of the camper. This is pretty typical of a teardrop camper. But on this particular camper, five latches secure the rooftop rowboat over the top of the camper which makes for easy on and easy off.

According to Campanda Magazine, buyers can fully customize the design of their American Dream trailer. In fact, there are several fun “vintage-inspired” colors to choose from. Plus, the boat can hold up to 500 lbs. There’s also a motor mount that’s prepared to take on up to 2 hp.

Who created the American Dream?

American Dream travel trailer with retro interior details
American Dream Trailer | American Dream Trailer Company

The American Dream trailer came about when a husband and wife team decided to replicate the 1961 fiberglass “Trailerboat.” While the American Dream camper trailer might seem like a totally novel idea, it’s actually inspired by a truly retro camper that also had an “integrated rowboat roof.”

“The company partnered with a local metalsmith and fiberglass company to manufacture the mid-century-styled chassis, molds and windows.”

Campanda Magazine

They are Portland-based and it takes about six weeks to build one of these camper trailers from start to finish. To some, this may seem like a long time. However, the build time is due to the quality assurance and authenticity standards to which these trailers are held.

A lightweight camper trailer that’s ready to party 

The American Dream in sherbert orange by a lake with the roof boat off
American Dream Camper Trailer | American Dream Trailer Company

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Overall, this camper trailer is totally ready to party and prepared for lake days all summer. Even better, the American Dream starts at just $12,180. This is a camper that’s also a boat. In addition, it offers a unique retro style to enhance your camping adventures. In fact, the American Dream retro camper trailers are one of the coolest camper options out there.

The only downside to this trailer is that I had a difficult time tracking down recent information about the company. So if you want one of these, you may actually have to peruse the net until you find one used.