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When it comes to buying a new RV, an entry-level travel trailer is often a great direction to go in. After some research and cross-referencing, we found these 3 entry-level trailer RVs for under $20,000. One of these might be the right RV camper trailer for many different households.  

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 

Forest River Rockewood Geo Pro camper trailer floor plan
Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro | Forest River Inc.

There are three trim levels of the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel trailer that start under $20,000. The 2021 G12RK ($10,476), the G12SRK ($13,999), and G15TB ($19,995) are the cheapest Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro models in the lineup, according to Go Travel Trailers. There are several other versions of this one available for just over $20,000 as well.  

The Rockwood Geo Pro comes light too. In fact, the unloaded vehicle weight (GVW) of a G12RK is 1,552 lbs. This is an RV trailer with a workable kitchen and sleeping area. It offers a fridge, microwave, and is towable with a compact, or even subcompact SUV. 

The American Dream trailer 

The American Dream trailer parked in a meadow with snowcapped mountains behind
The American Dream travel trailer | Campanda

Inspired by a trailer from the 1960s, the American Dream trailer is a tiny trailer with big retro style. This is another compact travel trailer. However, this is a good entry-level RV trailer under $20,000 for more reasons other than its personality. 

The American Dream is a travel trailer with a very unique trait. The roof’s a row boat. It can detach at a moment’s ease for quick access to boating if you happen upon the ideal body of water.  

The American Dream trailer weighs 650 pounds, making it compatible with a wide variety of vehicles.

Riverside Retro travel trailer 

the rear of the retro RV camper trailer showing the kitchen beneath a fold out awning that doubles as a rear hatch.
Riverside Retro travel trailer | Riverside Inc.

According to Riverside RV, the Riverside Retro travel trailer is another small trailer that’s ready for adventure. It’s outfitted with all the necessities. Plus, the Riverside Retro RV is another retro-inspired vacation option––as the name would lead shoppers to believe. 

It offers a range of floor plans. The smallest Riverside Retro RV is called the 509 or the 511. These micro or mini travel trailers weigh just 1,050 and 1,570 lbs respectively. 

Choosing a good entry-level RV trailer for under $20,000


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For those that want a lightweight option, all of these trailers weigh less than 2,000 pounds. Choosing a good entry-level RV trailer isn’t easy. Plus, there are many factors that go into the decision. 

The vehicle you’ll be using to haul your new RV travel trailer is just as important as the budget. While, both a small towing capacity and tight budget will limit RV shoppers, these details don’t mean there aren’t plenty of options to choose from. 

It’s important to assess how the RV is going to be used. In addition, it’s good to take into consideration how often it will go on trips.

Overall, it pays to do the right research. The models we’ve list here are some RV models under $20,000. They serve as good entry-level RV trailers. Finding the right trailer can be difficult. Hopefully this list can help point shoppers in the right direction.