This Camper Fits in a Garage and Can Be Towed by a Prius

What if you could tow a cabin instead of a camper? What if that cabin was light enough to be towed by a Toyota Prius? And, what if it could also fit in a garage? Well, a Minnesota based RV trailer manufacturer thinks the 2020 Camp 365 might be the answer to those questions. It is a unique execution of a more common travel trailer.

The transformer of RVs

The Camp 365 transforming RV trailer is shown in folded and unfolded configuration.
The Camp 365 folded and unfolded | Camp 365

The 2020 Camp 365 is a travel trailer that is a transformer of sorts. It starts out as a compact, wedge-shaped RV concoction with only a 48-inch track. But, once onsite, one person can unfold the entire trailer into a somewhat spacious, all-season cabin that has an adjustable track up to 71.5-inches.

The cabin of the 2020 Camp 365 RV

Once the transformation from wedge to the cabin is done, the user will find themselves with a roomy feeling indoor area that measures just under eight feet wide by 12 feet long. The cabin is also over 7 feet tall inside. So, just about anybody can stand fully and comfortably, surrounded by hard floors and insulated side walls. The front wall, rear wall, and top are made of marine fabric. Depending on how the beds are configured, up to six people can sleep in an RV that comes available with heating or air conditioning. A two-burner stove takes care of the cooking needs, and a portable marine toilet takes care of, well… other needs. Power can be provided by solar, or shore power, or generator.

Compact size and lightweight

The compact size of the 2020 Camp 365 RV trailer is its biggest advantage over other travel trailers. According to the manufacturer’s website, when the unit is folded into itself and ready for travel, the track is only at 48-inches, and its height is 6 foot, 8 inches, which is within a normal garage door dimension. This allows the owner to neatly tuck the unit inside a garage, instead of paying for a parking space at a storage facility. 

The RV is also lightweight. It tips the scales just under 1,500 lbs. So, it is easy for one person to disconnect the Camp 365 from the towing vehicle and manually push it to the right spot inside the garage. The low weight also means that the unit can be towed by just about any vehicle with a Class I hitch, including off-road utility vehicles (UTVs). That means that a Toyota Prius, which has a 1,598 pound towing capacity, according to a Toyota press release, can be a towing rig for this trailer.

Pricing of the trailer


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Pricing for the 2020 Camp 365 RV trailer is on par with other small new trailers. It starts out in the low $20,000 range and reaches over $30,000 depending on how it is configured and where it is located. But, this trailer has a distinct advantage over others by being convertible and compact. It has been equated to a cabin that can go just about anywhere. 

This RV needs to be seen to be understood

The 2020 Camp 365 is an unusual animal that needs to be seen to be understood. So, check out the two video clips included above to get a solid understanding of what a transforming trailer cabin really means. It is a neat foray into the small travel trailer segment that really can be towed by a Prius.

Now that the manufacturer has revealed this product expect to see other manufacturers try their hand at introducing similar products. It should be neat to see what the competition comes up with. But, the Camp 365 RV trailer is a pretty unique and well-executed product that will be hard to match.