You Can Rent This Epic Mountain State Overland Toyota 4Runner for Less Than a Hotel

So you dream about your overland adventure. But want you don’t have your own rig. Maybe a Toyota 4Runner overland build piques your interest. Mountain State Overland offers a way to solve your problem.

Maybe you aren’t sure if you’re ready to invest in your own rig. Perhaps you want to cross an overland expedition off your bucket list without going all in. Regardless of the various reasons you find this interesting, this epic Mountain State Overland Toyota 4Runner build is up for rent on the Outdoorsy website.

Meet Seneca, the Overland Toyota 4Runner Build by Mountain State Overland

If you go to the Outdoorsy website, you’ll find Seneca. This is a 4Runner build created by the pros at Mountain State Overland. In West Virginia, a small group of overland enthusiasts began a YouTube channel. Over the course of several builds and many overland expeditions, the channel grew.

It blossomed into a business that leads expeditions and caters to fans all over the world that tune into the MSO channel to catch a glimpse of what’s going on. A few years ago, the team started with a new Toyota 4Runner. The end result was Seneca. And now Seneca is for rent.

the mountain state overland toyota 4runner in the snow
MSO Toyota 4Runner Build | Mountain State Overland

Seneca is a full overland build that is now online for rent through Outdoorsy or the MSO website starting from $135 a night. When you factor in the fact that you won’t be eating out and that you can take your sleeping arrangements with you literally anywhere––even off-grid––this deal looks pretty sweet. In fact, it’s definitely less than a night in virtually any hotel.

What the family says about their overland Toyota 4Runner build

In a recent interview with Jason Specht, I had the privilege of speaking with him about several aspects of MSO. We spoke about the YouTube channel, the Mountain State Overland mission, and this awesome overland Toyota 4Runner build. The fact that it’s for rent is a new endeavor for the MSO team. Jason says they are trying it out to see how it goes.

the mountain state overland 4runner build parked in the grass in the woods
MSO Toyota 4Runner | Mountain State Overland

On their profile, the MSO family has written a welcoming overview of this unique adventure rental. The bio touches on the fact that Mountain State Overland team not only promotes and facilitates outdoor adventure, but also plants trees as part of their mission. The team has filmed several guided expeditions and “filmed over 75,000 miles” overland.

Mountain State Overland totally gets your need to get away

As people who love to pack it up and hit the road, Team Mountain State Overland totally gets your need to get away. Lately, some of our once-favorite methods of exploring have become more complicated due to the pandemic. So why not take a trip overland?

the mountain state overland toyota 4runner in the snow
MSO Toyota 4Runner Build | Mountain State Overland

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This is one of the most simple ways to get your family out and in it. Explore your state in a very close and personal way. Jason said in our interview, in fact, that the things he’s learned about the state of West Virginia since he began overlanding in the state are so special. There’s just not another way of vacationing that is really the same as an overland expedition. So if you think this is something you’d like to try out before diving into the deep end, rent a vehicle like this overland Toyota 4Runner build that’s now for rent.