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Jeep announced that it is recalling nearly 19,000 2021 Jeep Cherokee SUVs. According to the manufacturer, leaking transmission hoses could lead to an increased fire risk. The good news is that the fix for the Jeep Cherokee’s leaking transmission hoses is as easy as replacing the hose and refilling the SUV’s transmission.

Is there a recall on Jeep Cherokees?

A lineup of Jeep Cherokee models, the Jeep Cherokee was recalled by automaker this week
Jeep Cherokee | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Yes, the 2021 Jeep Cherokee has been recalled. According to the NHTSA, some 2021 Jeep Cherokee SUVs were manufactured using a transmission oil cooler hose (TOC) with incorrectly cured rubber. “An incorrectly cured TOC hose may have a weakened hose wall that can rupture,” the NHTSA added.

The potential for a ruptured TOC hose isn’t the only issue, however. In fact, should transmission fluid begin leaking from a ruptured TOC hose, Roadshow reports it runs the risk of coming into contact with the Jeep Cherokee’s exhaust system, which could lead to a vehicle fire.

According to the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report, as of April 20, 2021, the automaker has identified four customer assistance records, 160 warranty claims, and seven field reports that could be related to the SUV’s incorrectly cured TOC hose. The good news is that the manufacturer is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the incorrectly cured TOC hose.

What this recall means for 2021 Jeep Cherokee owners

No one wants their car to be recalled. Fortunately, the automaker has already committed to inspecting and replacing the problematic TOC hoses on an as-needed basis. The fix will come at no cost to 2021 Jeep Cherokee owners too. 

If you own a 2021 Jeep Cherokee and are concerned that your SUV is affected by this recall, you can expect a notification in the mail shortly. Jeep Cherokee owners are also invited to contact the automaker’s customer service line at 1-800-853-1403 and reference recall Y18 if they have questions.

This isn’t the 2021 Jeep Cherokee’s first recall

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time the 2021 Jeep Cherokee has been recalled. This recall is actually the SUV’s second recall. The first 2021 Jeep Cherokee recall included the Jeep Cherokee Limited. According to the NHTSA’s Safety Recall Report, the SUV “may have been built with one or both front lower control arms with hardness below specification.”

The NHTSA added, “A front lower control arm manufactured with hardness below specification may result in a fracture while driving.” At the time, owners were advised not to drive their Jeep Cherokee until it was inspected and repaired.

How to tell if your car has been recalled

Recalls happen from time to time, meaning that this Jeep Cherokee recall isn’t all that unusual. It may, however, have you asking how to tell if your car has been recalled. Fortunately, finding that information isn’t all that difficult.

To find out if your vehicle has been recalled, simply head to the NHTSA recall website. There, you can enter your vehicle’s VIN. The NHTSA will then tell you whether or not your vehicle has been recalled.


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