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With so many automakers going electric, having an EV or two is no longer enough when it comes to standing out from the pack. This is especially true when it comes to electric trucks. There aren’t many on the market yet, and Ram’s CEO thinks he has the perfect method for making the new Ram Revolution shine.

Closeup of the chrome grille of a pickup truck, the work RAM visible.
Ram trucks logo | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Ram’s CEO had some bold remarks about how its electric truck will stand out 

Ram has yet to release its first EV, but that’s all about to change. The American automaker known for its trucks is ready to electrify its lineup with a rather simple, but effective plan.

Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. told Kelley Blue Book, “Trucks still need to do truck things.” He went on to add, “More and more truck intenders are open-minded to the idea of electrification in their pickups. But they’re not willing to sacrifice our most core attributes that make a truck a truck, like towing, like hauling, and in the future, range and charge time.”

This is a good point, as many rivals are focused on the electric engine and range. By remembering why many consumers are drawn to trucks in the first place, Ram has already set itself apart. 

We don’t have any major details about how much the new Ram EV truck will be able to tow, or how it will do off-road at the moment, but Koval did have one more statement which will offer a clue. 

“If you’re towing a 10,000-pound trailer behind your vehicle across the state or across the country, it’s nerve-racking. We will push past what others have announced with our fuller portfolio of electrified solutions.”

Ram will soon prove itself on the sales floor

Words are great, but when it comes to the auto world, sales are where it counts. Ram hasn’t released it’s first electric truck, as of yet, but that will soon change.

Even though a Ram electric truck is not close to hitting the sales floor, it’s on the way. Ram has been releasing images of its concept truck, the Ram Revolution, and the internet has been flooded with fans trying to figure out what it will look like based on small teasers released by Ram. 

This may prove to be a good move, as everyone is eager to find out more. Some may be wondering if Ram has waited too long, however.

Is Ram late to the electric truck game?


What Does the New Ram Electric Truck Look Like? Get a Glimpse in Ram’s Latest Video

Other automakers, like Ford, already have an electric truck, so Ram is behind in some regards. Some may wonder if it’s too late for Ram to catch up, and the good news is that it’s never too late when it comes to the auto world.

It’s constantly evolving and changing, so what’s in right now will soon be old news. With this in mind, Ram is taking the ideal route by keeping its eye on the reason behind why people want a truck in the first place. Having a truck that’s an EV is certainly a great selling point, but if it can’t function like a truck, then it’ll remain sitting on the lot.

Plus, there’s the fact that Ram knows what others are doing, and can act accordingly. This will help when it comes to planning and designing new trucks, so that Ram can develop something newer and superior.

Because of this, many will be drawn to the Ram electric truck, as opposed to rivals who are more focused on the fact that they’re selling an EV. Going forward, as more electric vehicles hit the market, this will no longer be enough, however, which is why Ram may be ahead of the game.