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Ram has been cagey with nearly everything about its new Revolution electric truck. Even the Revolution name is just a working title. The company even pushed back the reveal date to next month, from its initial planned November release. But, now Ram has released a new video that shows what the Revolution truck looks like, in a clay model at least, and it looks like, well, a sleek truck.

The new video shows a clay model of the new truck

Auto designers often sculpt their designs in clay before they start making body panels from metal. If you pause the new Ram video at the 0:50 mark, you can get a pretty good idea of what the new Ram 1500 Revolution will look like. Well, if you squint, that is. It’s rendered in brown clay and while you can see the general shape of the truck, the hard lines are invisible.

So far, you cannot reserve a Ram electric truck. But Stellantis has confirmed that it will take pre-orders before production begins. The truck is expected to come out in 2024 with a $45,000 base price.

In clay, it’s hard to tell what the Ram electric truck looks like

The Ram EV truck in clay
Ram Revolution truck in clay | Ram via YouTube

Overall, the Revolution electric truck model seems to follow other EV Trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Sierra EV school of thought: make an electric truck look like a truck. That’s in stark contrast to the Tesla Cybertruck, which looks like a giant stainless steel origami project. On the Ram, you can see a hint of a Ram grille, but it has a high bumper and a sleeker cab. It’s clearly a four-door pickup with what looks like a standard, or 5.7-foot, bed.

When will Ram debut the new 2024 Revolution truck?

A preview image of the Ram EV truck
The Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-electric Vehicle | Ram

The new truck will debut on January 5, 2023, at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas. CES is the world’s largest computer and tech gadget show, but automakers have been using the show’s massive platform for several years to show off new features and new vehicles. Electric cars, which keep with CES’s theme, gain a lot of interest at the show.

CES recently confirmed that the CEO of Stellantis, which owns Ram and Dodge, Carlos Tavares, will give a keynote speech at CES.

Ram’s CEO is making big promises for the new Ram electric truck


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Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. said that Ram is prioritizing real truck capability. That means, he said, the truck will tow, haul, and travel well. Koval said that his message with the new Ram EV truck will be that “Trucks still need to do truck things,” as reported by the Detroit Free Press. He said that the new truck’s baseline range needs to be 300 to 350 miles. Ram is keeping those goals in mind as it develops the new truck, which was announced last spring. 

The new Ram truck remains a mystery. But, we do know that it will get built on Stellantis’s (Ram’s parent company) new skateboard-style architecture. That platform has motors in front and back, which means the truck will have all-wheel drive.

Ram is a little late with its EV truck to the party. Ford and Rivian already have EV pickups in owner’s hands. Chevy’s new Silverado EV is coming in 2023. So far, Ford has delivered about 5,000 Lightnings to owners and Rivians are starting to be more common.