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While it may not be known to all truck shoppers, Ram currently offers two different versions of the Ram 1500 full-size truck. This includes the standard 2022 Ram 1500 and something that is known as the Ram 1500 Classic. The 1500 Classic is essentially the previous-generation Ram truck, which gives it more of an old-school and simple feel. Because of this, buyers still have the ability to get a truck that is not as complicated as truly new models. And that may be ideal for work trucks or for those who want a truck they are not afraid to beat up.

Is the Ram 1500 Classic a good truck?

A 2022 Ram 1500 Classic with racing stripes shows off some off-road capability as a full-size truck.
Ram 1500 Classic | Ram

When viewed for what it is intended to be, the 2022 Ram 1500 Classic is a decent enough truck. It comes backed by the Ram brand, which has long been a popular truck manufacturer, and even though it is an older vehicle, it still has plenty of great features. Despite Consumer Reports ranking it fairly low on its truck list.

In terms of capability, the Ram 1500 Classic can haul up to 1,810 pounds in payload with its available 5.7-liter V8 engine. Additionally, this full-size truck can tow up to 10,620 lbs. Which should be enough for most uses. And if it’s not? There is always the current 2022 Ram 1500 on sale. 

What engines does the 2022 1500 Classic have?

When it comes to engine options, the Ram 1500 Classic has two choices. There is the base 3.6-liter V6 engine with 305 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque. This engine has been featured in a variety of FCA products, which means it is tried and tested. For those shopping for a V8 truck, there is the available 5.7-liter V8 engine. This workhorse makes 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque, giving this full-size truck a little more get up and go. 

The 2022 Ram 1500 Classic is built using high-strength steel. But where heavy steel is not needed, down-gauged steel is used, which helps to reduce weight and increase efficiency. Another efficiency features are the active grille shutters, which help with engine cooling and reducing drag.

Who should buy this full-size truck?

Front view of dark gray 2022 Ram 1500 Classic, which has a quiet cab according to Consumer Reports
2022 Ram 1500 Classic | Ram

Why Buy a Ram 1500 When You Can Buy a Ram 1500 Classic?

The 1500 Classic is ideal for someone shopping for a full-size truck but wants to save some money. This truck has a starting cost of $29,515 and three different trim levels are available. The 1500 Classic is certainly suited to handle a job site, but the Warlock trim adds styling and some more capability. 
Through the Ram 1500 Warlock, buyers can opt for the available V8 engine and even add Ram’s cargo management system. Despite being an older truck, this model even comes with LED fog lamps and projector headlamps to ensure that you can see and be seen.

We are not sure how much longer the Ram 1500 Classic will be on sale, but it has been available since the latest generation of Ram trucks entered the market. It is possible that it will be available for some time.