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Halloween is coming up quickly, and with it comes spooky movies, candy, and full moons. Of course, there is a darker side to Halloween. The tricks and mischief usually start a few days early, and cars are often a major target. While most of us have much bigger problems than a little egg on your Ford Taurus, not having to scrub dried eggs would be better. So, here are a few tips from Consumer Reports for protecting your car from Halloween pranks. 

a photo of a jack o lantern means it's time to protect your car from Halloween pranks
Carved Pumpkin for Halloween | GHI/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Does vandalism increase on Halloween? 

Consumer Reports says that while a little silly string, eggs, pumpkin guts, and other such Halloweeny goos might seem like harmless mischief, but if left on a car for too long, these acid goos can actually cause serious paint damage. Specifically, egg whites and pumpkin guts contain these acids that can eat car finishes. 

Car wax is a great way to protect your car’s part

“Just like your car’s mechanical systems, being proactive with your car’s paint finish—by keeping a good coat of wax on your vehicle and quickly removing potentially harmful materials—is the key to a long life,” says John Ibbotson, Consumer Report’s chief mechanic. 

Having a fresh coat of wax on a car’s paint can help protect your vehicle from these acidic substances. Specifically, modern hybrid waxes with ceramic and traditional wax mixes are highly effective against Halloween goops like eggs and pumpkins. 

A spokesperson for Mothers Wax suggests that the week of Halloween is a good time to protect your vehicle with wax. Aside from Halloween antics, Halloween marks the beginning of colder weather in many regions. Having a good coat of wax on your car before the snow and ice come is a smart way to protect against harmful road salt. 

The best way to protect your car on Halloween is to keep it under wraps

The garage is always the best place to keep your car unless you have a Chevy Bolt. If keeping your car in a garage isn’t an option, even a cheap car cover from your local auto parts store can go a long way. The principle of out of sight, out of mind truly works here. Most Halloween mischief isn’t personal or targeted. Keeping your vehicle out of sight will go a long way toward protecting it. 

Don’t put off the car wash

If your car does get hit by ghouls on Halloween, make sure you rinse it off as soon as possible. Even a quick rinse with just water can go a long way to mitigating paint damage. The heat of the day will speed up the chemical reaction that makes the acidic materials so damaging. 

Also, be aware of eggshells and pumpkin seeds or anything else that may scratch the paint. Wash these materials off before washing the car with a rag or sponge.

Don’t let it get to you

So, you’ve been hit by some rapscallions, and you missed your window, and your car’s paint has been affected. There are some products that can help restore lightly damaged paint. Cleaning wax has a light abrasive that can remove a thin layer of paint, revealing a fresh layer of undamaged paint. 

The best course of action is simply to not get in this position in the first place. If you take precautions early like waxing, covering, or straight up stashing your vehicle, this will make protecting your car on Halloween much simpler. 


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