The 2008 Ford Taurus Is the Perfect Affordable Used Car

Buying a used car more than 10 years old might sound like the worst possible scenario if having a limited budget. A lot of different car brands have long been underrated, sometimes holding up for a couple of decades without many issues after basic maintenance. According to online data available, the 2008 Ford Taurus appears as the most reliable and most affordable used car you can find in the U.S.

This might be hard to believe for some, but the evidence is forthcoming. In a time when everyone is looking for budget alternatives, take some time out to learn why Ford was a car leader in 2008.

When the 2008 Ford Taurus came out, the name had been briefly retired

Those who can remember back to 2008 may remember when Ford basically rebranded their Taurus cars. Prior to that, the Taurus first made its debut in 1986, though Ford put it on hiatus for a couple of years starting in 2006. When rolled back out in 2008, it brought back many of the same great features along with a new, faster engine.

The Taurus was already a winner from the beginning because it brought the quality design Ford was going for at the time. This was, in part, influenced by statistical process control ideas brought in by statistician W. Edwards Deming.

Ford’s point was to make a reliable car while still being at a mid-price level. However, this was during a time when other car manufacturers did the same thing. One could name a few other auto brands no longer made now that were just made well and still show up on used car lots today.

When the 2008 Ford Taurus released, it had the perfect balance of quality features to make it perennially popular no matter the mileage.

What is the total satisfaction score on Consumer Reports?

According to Consumer Reports, the 2008 Ford Taurus still receives a score of three on their overall ownership satisfaction surveys. While some might not consider this high, it really is a good score for a car so old.

Keep in mind the overall reliability score is higher at four. One good reason is the reliable parts placed in the car at the time. Even so, most people cite the excellent gas mileage as being one of the factors in their overall driving experience.

Also, the comfort and value level scores are fairly high at 69 out of 100. Most owners say the Taurus offered plenty of head- and legroom, making it a continuously useful car for traveling.

One Consumer Reports reviewer noted the car was still running smoothly for them after 115,000 miles. How many cars made in 2008 can still say this after hitting the 100,000-mile mark?

What do other online reviews say about the 2008 Ford Taurus?

Sources like RepairPal have a long list of four-to-five-star reviews from past or current 2008 Ford Taurus owners. In one review from 2015, they noted the car has never really needed much maintenance since purchased. It turned into one of those cars sometimes only needing simple fixes and not leaving head-scratching tech problems like so many other cars had.

There was never one overly negative review of the car on RepairPal going back to when the Taurus was only just a few years old. Some negatives noted by Consumer Reports, though, pinpoint occasional problems with transmission and suspension. The car was also recalled once due to front-end airbags not deploying properly during accidents.

Considering the 2008 Ford Taurus has a good track record on maintenance, anyone looking for a reliable and cheap older car should keep an eye peeled for this one. At the moment, it retails between $3,650 to $4,400.