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While having the president visit your city can be exciting, it can also disrupt traffic. Streets and routes are closed as the presidential motorcade drives through, making it difficult for locals to travel. President Biden was shocked as one traveler tried to get around armored SUVs.

A car hit President Biden’s motorcade

President Biden giving a speech
President Biden | Getty Images

It was a seemingly normal evening as President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, left his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, Sunday night. But while Biden was walking to his armored SUV, he was shocked by a loud car wreck.

A sedan slammed into a United States Secret Service SUV that was blocking an intersection to allow the motorcade to prepare for departure.

Biden turned and looked at the sedan with shock as it tried to continue driving down the street. The driver was met with resistance as servlet service members surrounded the vehicle and demanded the driver to put their hands up.

Then Biden was quickly ushered to his vehicle, where his wife was already seated. They left without any delays or injuries. They safely returned home and their schedule was unaffected.

The local Wilmington police handled the wreck, meaning the driver wasn’t a serious threat to the president.

There’s no word about how badly the Secret Service SUV was damaged. However, we assume that the military-grade, armored Suburban is fine since the sedan could continue driving. It may have bounced off it

The motorcade typically travels as a fleet of 20 to 30 vehicles. There are a few armored Cadillac Escalade models, Cadliacl Limousines, and newer Chevy Suburban SUVs.

The SUVs are based on civilian models but are stripped down for modifications such as protective armor, defense systems, radio communications, GPS tracking, bulletproof glass, body reinforcements, and chassis modifications.