The Chevy Suburban is the Real Star in Trump’s Motorcade

Former President Trump was greeted in Florida by cheering fans as his motorcade drove through town. However, we couldn’t take our eyes off of the Chevy Suburban models involved with the motorcade. Forget politics for a minute and check out how cool these Chevy Suburbans really are. 

The Chevy Suburban is one epic Presidential Motorcade ride 

According to CBS 12 News, Trump supporters held a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, to welcome the former President’s home. But this article has nothing to do with politics because it’s about the Chevy Suburban instead. 

Presidential Motorcade Secret Service Chevy Suburban
Presidential Motorcade Secret Service Chevy Suburban | Chevy

Large sport utility vehicles have been used to transport the President and Vice President in the early 2000s, according to the Drive. For a while, they used the 11th generation Chevy Suburban, which entered production in 2015. Now those models have been replaced by the newer 2020 model. 

The Secret Service Chevy Suburban 

The Presidential Suburban is a pretty rare vehicle. It’s based on the Chevy Suburban 2500 HD model that was discontinued. But it was still available to fleets and the military for a few more years. 

But it could be making a comeback with updates for 2021. The Secret Service has a funding mandate for the equipment they need, and heavy running gear is needed to support the thousands of pounds of additional armor, communications, defensive systems, and more. 

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Chevy also understands that the Presidental Motorcade has a high level of exposure, so it’s quite different from the commercial version. As Trump is seen giving a thumbs up, he is doing so behind thick bullet-proof glass. 

A new configuration has emerged with a taller roofline. This might make it easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. It could provide more space that was taken up by armor. Also, heavy topside armor may have been added to provide protection from drones. 

But what is the Beast? 

The Beast is the Presidential Cadillac limousine. When President Biden was sworn in, the Beast changed hands. This is why Trump was riding in a Suburban instead of the Cadillac that President Obama first used. 

The Beast is a Cadillac that we know. But most of its details have been kept secret. According to Car and Driver, the new Beast is most likely similar to its predecessor, a heavily armored stretch limousine. 

"The Beast" Presidential Cadillac
“The Beast” Presidential Cadillac | Cadillac

It’s built on the heavy-duty GMC TopKick truck platform and may weigh upward of 15,000 lb. We aren’t sure what’s under the hood, but it must be powerful if it can make the beast roar. Also, the headlights and grille were taken from the latest Cadillac Escalade. Based on that information, we can gather that the interior is probably extremely luxurious as well. 

We aren’t sure about how many Beasts exist. Reports vary, but they go where ever the President does. If they aren’t in the city the President is traveling to, they are flown in with a cargo plane.