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The latest and greatest sports cars are superlative vehicles. From sculpted sheetmetal to race-derived powerplants, modern performance cars have it all. At the same time, vintage models offer unique sensations and classic silhouettes, making it worthwhile to keep them on the road. 

And in that area, Porsche leads the way. With its Atlanta-based facility dedicated to maintaining, restoring, and recommissioning sought-after models, drivers can keep their rides in perfect shape. 

Let’s take a closer look at Porsche Classic Factory Restoration Atlanta. 

Porsche has a factory in Atlanta dedicated to restoring classic cars

When it comes to working on classic vehicles, experience matters, particularly in the case of nuanced vehicles like Porsche sports cars. Whether a vintage 356 or an older 911 Turbo, these German rides need special attention. And that’s especially true when performing a restoration.

To that end, Porsche Classic Factory Restoration Atlanta specializes in the maintenance, restoration, and recommissioning of Porsche Classic models. A Porsche Classic is any model out of standard production for at least 10 years. With the company’s inside access to bespoke tools, documentation, and archives, it offers mechanical precision without equal. 

The Atlanta facility divides its work into three areas: Preservation, Restoration, and Recommission. Here’s what each entails. 

Preservation focuses on maintenance and repairs to keep cars running like new. Experienced technicians always use Porsche Classic Genuine Parts, and concentrate on preserving the soundness of the engine, transmission, and suspension. 

Restoration makes old Porsches new again, using original techniques, manuals, and specifications. That’s a highly-detailed process, involving disassembly, engine and transmission work, and body repairs. The company documents each step of the process and provides owners with a certificate upon completion. 

Recommission lets Carrera GT owners personalize their rides, for the sports car of their dreams. Combining new vehicle production, factory restoration, and Exclusive Manufaktur (Porsche’s customization program), Recommission takes the Carrera GT to new heights. 

Why this factory is so unique


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Typically, owners of classic sports cars must seek out independent shops for vehicle restorations

. While there are specialists in the field, there’s nothing like manufacturer-direct expertise. That’s what makes this factory so unique. 

Independent shops can produce exquisite restorations with perfect paint and dazzling performance. But now and then, some projects look overdone. Instead of factory-fresh, they look over-restored. The paint looks too thick. The chrome shines too bright. And every part looks bolted on rather than factory assembled.

In contrast, Porsche Classic Factory Restoration Atlanta turns out vehicles that appear straight off the line. Credit that to the company’s use of period-correct tools and techniques, and a state-of-the-art workshop.  And if there’s a question about a part or tolerance, the company’s direct access to technical documentation provides the answer. 

Together, these elements help maintain the genuine personality of a Porsche Classic. Not to mention, they result in a vehicle that looks and drives like new. 

Porsche Classic Factory provides factory-direct expertise to Porsche owners. Whether using the Preservation, Restoration, or Recommission program, owners get treated to unmatched expertise and exacting craftsmanship. That results in a ride like nothing else.