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Updated on June 29th for freshness.

German automobile manufacturer Porsche has always pushed the envelope. They take class and quality very seriously. So it’s no surprise that Porsche models feature cutting-edge technology. In addition, recent innovations have caused the brand to focus even more on user experience.

Porsche’s luxury vehicles are driver-centric

A lineup of Porsche vehicles at Brussels Expo.
Porsche lineup | Sjoerd van der Wal Via Getty Images

German automaker Porsche has always tailored its vehicles to suit consumers. Whether it’s leather adaptive sports seats or a sleek and modern cabin, the company aims to please. The German automaker never forgoes comfort for performance. Yet, it still manages to create powerful vehicles with a heavy focus on consumer satisfaction.

The Porsche 911 is an iconic sports car. The Porsche Cayenne is one of the most extravagant luxury crossovers available. Both vehicles have made their way into song lyrics. Now the company has decided that they will provide the music for consumers. The music has little to do with the automaker, it’s all about the driver.

Porsche’s new infotainment system is music to drivers’ ears

A Porsche interior featuring the Porsche PCM 6.0 Infotainment System.
Porsche interior | Porsche

The idea to create music to accompany a consumer’s driving experience came from the company’s Digital Product Owner, Norman Friedenberger. He felt immersed in roads, landscapes, and scenery that he encountered on American road trips. Like anything else, he figured the experience would be better coupled with music to suit the mood.

Decades later, after the initial idea, technology has finally caught up enough to make it a reality. Drivers will now be able to listen to their own custom soundtracks based on their driving experience. But how would that even work, and what does an adaptable custom soundtrack sound like?

The new soundtrack to your life

The interior of a Porsche vehicle.
Porsche interior | Porsche

The Porsche Soundtrack My Life project aims to create a unique driving experience curated by professionals that incorporates music into your road trip, commute, or trip to the grocery store. The company has actually invested in original compositions for every one of its custom songs. German film composer Boris Salchow is the genius behind the audio experience.

Norman Friedenberger has paid special attention to this project over the last two years. He has ensured that every audio experience is unique and makes the driver the star of their very own movie scene, coupled with a quality music score. This adaptive sound technology automatically adjusts to speed, acceleration, and several other factors, making the driver the conductor of their own symphony.

With Porsche, your life is a movie

A Porsche PCM 6.0 Infotainment System inside the interior of a Porsche vehicle.
Porsche PCM 6.0 Infotainment System | Porsche

A new soundtrack is said to be available for every scenario and location. The Soundtrack My Life project is available via a mobile app and has been tested extensively. If consumers can afford the German automaker’s vehicles, their life is already pretty exciting.

The PCM 6.0 infotainment system’s Soundtrack My Life feature will turn normal drives into moving motion picture scenes thanks to an idea, new technology, and some of the most talented minds in the automotive industry. The reviews for this new infotainment system’s special feature will be music to Porsche’s ears.


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