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We hope there was time to yell timber as a massive Ram 1500 TRX came tumbling down. This beastly truck may be known for off-roading, but it can’t fly. One driver learned that the hard way as their Ram 1500 TRX rolled into the ravine. 

This Ram 1500 TRX tumbled off a Moab cliff 

A Ram 1500 TRX being towed
Ram 1500 TRX | Screen shot from Trail Mater recovery video

We gather here today to pay respects to an innocent Ram 1500 TRX that lost its life. The truck took a 100-foot fall in Harrah’s Pass, Moab, Utah. The windows were smashed, each panel was dented, and the frame cracked. 

However, by some miracle, the driver of the truck and his dog survived. They both walked away from the smashed truck with severe injuries. We were unable to find further details about their injuries. 

This is a pretty big win for truck safety, though. This 6,443 lb held up while hitting rocks and the side of the cliff on the way down. 

The Ram 1500 does have a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). But the regular cab model was tested, not the TRX. 

It’s also a bad day for the driver and his wallet. The 2024 Ram 1500 TRX has an MSRP of $96,340. We aren’t sure how well rolling off a cliff is covered by insurance, but the rig was totaled. 

Recovering the Ram TRX was tricky 

No one wanted the Ram 1500 TRX to be left as an eyesore in the environment, so Rory Irish and his team got to work. He’s the owner of Trail Mater, and they didn’t want to block the trial for safety reasons. 

So, they got a plan approved by the Bureau of Land Management and State Trust Lands Alliance, which manages the surrounding area, to legally go off-trail. The recovery effort also involved the local sheriff, the truck owner, and his insurance company. 

It had to be dragged out around rocks with a buggy, straps, and pulleys. It was pulled by its nose, and the driveline snapped so the busted tires could move freely. But because the truck wasn’t steerable, they had to move it slowly, inch by inch. 

Eventually, they got it to the tow truck and hauled it off with the front tires in the air. They managed to leave the surrounding area intact, and when it rains, the tire tracks will wash away, like nothing was ever there.