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Consumers today crave certain amenities and value when they buy new cars. They want technology, fuel efficiency, and safety. But more and more, people are keeping and driving their vehicles longer than before. So, when a list comes out featuring a roster of long-lasting vehicles, everyone takes notice.

When it comes to browsing for and finding a new ride with the staying power to go the distance in terms of high miles, there is actually only one sedan that hits the mark. Which sedan makes this industry critics’ list of long-lasting vehicles, you ask? We dove in to find out more.

Long-lasting vehicles on the road today

The auto industry consumer-backed group, iSeeCars, jumped into the analytics of over 11.8 million cars sold in 2020. Their mission was to select those that exude reliability and long-lasting vehicle capability.

Those models with the highest percentage reaching 200,000 miles made it on this list. If you tend to put a lot of miles on your cars, this is the list to consider when you’re ready to buy new.

Coming in at the top of this iSeeCars list is the Toyota Land Cruiser, with 16.3% of them achieving the 200,000-mile mark. Not far behind is the Toyota Sequoia with 11.2%.

The Chevy Suburban earned the third spot, with 5.1% of them reaching 200,000 miles. Further down the ranking, the margins were much narrower, with the Ford Expedition’s 4.9% and the Toyota 4Runner’s 4.1%. 

The only sedan to make this list

Looking at this iSeeCars list, it’s clear the top-ranking vehicles are SUVs. But there is one sedan that made it, too. Coming in sixth place on the long-lasting vehicles roster is the Toyota Avalon, with 3.9% of cars surpassing 200,000 miles. This is an impressive showing for the Avalon and proves Toyota continues to engineer its best across the entire portfolio.

The Toyota Avalon is a stark contrast to other vehicles in the running. In a world full of bulky and beefy SUVs, this sedan, as Edmunds calls it, is smooth and stylish. And for the first time in its large sedan history, the 2021 Toyota Avalon will be available with all-wheel-drive, according to Car and Driver.

Buying a plush sedan capable of reaching over 200,000 miles and an AWD variation might be the value proposition you’re looking for in a new car.

A market dominated by SUVs

Today’s vehicle market is dominated by SUVs and crossover variations. It only makes sense that this long-lasting vehicles list features many of the same. But you’ll notice it’s the truck-based SUVs that seem to do the best when it comes to longevity.

The two Toyota SUVs at the top earned their positions by a pretty significant margin. With the durability of the pick-up chassis and engineering that strives to build vehicles capable of lasting 20+ years, Toyota leads the pack in longevity. Built to work, haul, and sustain in harsh driving conditions, both the Sequoia and the Land Cruiser prove to be ready to go the distance.

Why this is such an impressive accomplishment for Toyota


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In addition to being comprised of mostly SUVs, this 200,000-mile list also has quite a few Toyota models on it. In fact, six of the top ten in this data are Toyota models. The Avalon making the cut is equally impressive and signifies that while Toyota is capable of building long-lasting SUVs, it also continues to build long-lasting cars.

If you are looking to buy an SUV that has the capability of reaching 200,000 miles and beyond, take a look at this latest analytics-based list. The Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Sequoia deserve a look. And if you had a sedan in mind, consider the Toyota Avalon. It proves to have the chops to be a long-lasting vehicle, too.