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If you’re looking for a luxury SUV, then there’s no denying that the BMW X3 is one of the top models that you should be checking out. The X3 has always been on the sportier side of the equation when it comes to SUVs and if performance is what you seek, then the X3 could easily beat the Audi Q5 and Lexus RX if they happen to be on your shortlist. And if you do end up choosing the BMW X3, then now is a great time to buy or lease one.

The 2021 BMW X3 comes in a few different flavors

Shopping for a BMW X3, or any model from the automaker can be somewhat confusing since there are a few different trim levels to choose from. To break it down a bit, you can choose between one of the “core” models (sDrive30i or xDrive30i), if you want a gasoline-powered X3. But if you need an X3 with better fuel economy, then you can go with the xDrive30e trim level, which is a new plug-in hybrid variant that can be driven up to 17 miles on all-electric power.

And if you need even more power, then you can always choose the X3 M40i, which is the performance-oriented trim level that produces 382 hp and can get up to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, according to BMW. Believe it or not, Car and Driver actually advises to choose the standard models as the 248-hp, the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine has enough power and “collaborates with the excellent eight-speed automatic transmission to make easy passes in traffic and sip fuel on the highway.”

A white 2021 BMW X3 xDrive30e on a snowy mountain
2021 BMW X3 xDrive30e | BMW

It’s a good time to buy or lease a BMW X3

According to Ari Janessian (a YouTuber and auto broker), it’s a great time to buy a 2021 X3 as there is currently an estimated 4,075 units at dealerships across the nation and only 150 2020 models remaining. And while you can probably score a good deal on a 2020 model, you might have a hard time finding one. So stick to a 2021 model, particularly the xDrive30i as that trim counts of the majority of the X3s that are available.

In order to show you what kind of deals can be attained through your local BMW dealer, Janessian put together a couple of examples using an xDrive30i model with an MSRP of $49,385. First off, he says that you target a discount of around 5.5-9%, which would give you a target selling price of $46,670.

2021 BMW X3 | BMW-
2021 BMW X3 | BMW

If you’re planning to finance the car, then BMW is currently offering a promotional rate of 1.9% for 60 months. However, if you don’t want that then you can opt for the $2,500 rebate instead with a final target selling price of $44,170, which is what Janessian advises you to do. If you do take the rebate and end up with a higher-interest loan, then you can always refinance six months later for a lower rate.

Leasing example

If you want to lease a 2021 X3 instead, then again choose the xDrive30i with the $49,385 MSRP and aim for a selling price of $46,670. BMW is currently offering a rebate of $1,750 if you lease and a money factor (interest) rate of .00086, which is equivalent to a 2% APR. All that being said, Janessian calculates that with just your inception fees (first month’s payment, dealer, documentation fees, and sales tax), you could have a monthly payment of around $581.

Although, do take into consideration that this figure was calculated with a 6.25% sales tax rate, so keep in mind that your actual lease rate and down payment can vary.

2020 BMW X3 M Competition interior, with tan-trimmed leather sport seats
2020 BMW X3 M Competition interior | BMW

Other discounts may also apply

Aside from all of the discounts noted above, if you’re a current BMW owner, then you could also qualify for an extra $750 off. And if you were in the military or a recent college graduate, then there could be additional discounts as well.


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