Is the 2015 BMW X3 a Good Used SUV for You?

Buying a nice luxury SUV doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank on the newest options. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why buying a slightly used SUV is better than buying one brand new, especially if you’re looking at luxury brands like BMW and Audi. Not only are newer cars more expensive than used ones — well, unless it’s a rare, collectible car — you face less depreciation when it comes time to sell. So, if you’re in the market for a slightly older luxury SUV, the 2015 BMW X3 might be a seemingly affordable option.

Underrated luxury

The BMW X3 isn’t the epitome of luxury or class, but it offers quite a lot for drivers and families looking for something more practical and spacious than your standard sedan. While the 2015 model is a few years old, they have aged surprisingly well appearance-wise, mostly thanks to the updated headlights and stylist front fascia. You can often find them in reasonably good condition on the used market from around $15,000 to less than $20,000, depending on mileage and other factors.

2015 BMW X3 Outdoors
2015 BMW X3 | BMW

Paying attention to the numbers

There are a handful of reasons that luxury cars like BMW depreciate so rapidly, and part of that is because they are expensive to maintain and repair. That means if you are buying one used because they are else wise out of our price range, you should squirrel away an emergency stash for maintenance and potentially bank-wrecking repairs down the road, especially if you are buying a BMW X3 with higher mileage or questionable maintenance history.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 2015 BMW X3 currently has 4 recalls, though this shouldn’t be as much of a deterrent as it might be. You can easily check the BMW recall database to see what recalls apply to any model you are taking for a test drive and contact your local dealer to ensure the recalls have been serviced. If they haven’t, that’s no reason to panic because you can always schedule the recall work to be completed after purchase at the manufacturer’s expense.

A BMW logo is seen on a BMW i8 hybrid car | Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto, Getty Images

Is the 2015 BMW X3 a good SUV?

Overall, for the right driver, the 2015 BMW X3 is a great used SUV for the right driver, as long as you anticipate the worst. Overall the car lacks the demand of compromise, providing a sporty, enjoyable drive that you might not expect from an SUV of it’s size and weight. Even more so, the interior is well-finished, feel sleek and comfortable, and something you won’t hate to stare at when you’re stuck in 5 o’clock traffic on the freeway or sitting in the long pick-up line at your child’s school.

Visitors look inside the new BMW x3 at The 22st Indonesia International Motor Show
The BMW X3 | Oscar Siagian/Getty Images

A Used BMW 3 Series is Versatile Luxury and Sport All in One

There are plenty of reasons that you could argue against the 2015 BMW X3 for, but for the right driver who is prepared to tackle the costly maintenance and potential mechanic bills, it is a fantastic option. Even better, you can skip out on the deprecation of buying a newer luxury car while still appreciating all of the standard safety features and hot tech you’re looking for.