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We may not always articulate it, but I believe many of us are softly waiting to hear about a new Toyota pickup truck. The only thing cooler than any new Toyota pickup would be a small new Toyota pickup truck. Well, boys and girls, our quiet craving might be getting answered… at least for some of us. The new Toyota Rangga concept could be the small work truck savior the world (but not America) might get. 

What is the Toyota Rangga?

Toyota Rangga pickup truck concept render
Toyota Rangga | Toyota

America doesn’t always get the coolest cars and trucks. We have to come to terms with that. However, our friends in Indonesia and some other markets could be getting a pretty rad little pickup truck from Toyota. 

The Rangga could potentially replace the Toyota Hilux in the Indonesian market. The Toyota Rannga concept debuted at the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. Toyota immediately offered a contest among locals to “customize” the Rangga. The idea is that Toyota might consider some of the best ideas for production. Aside from that sounding like free labor, the idea is pretty fun for this tray bed concept. 

This new concept is based on the IMV-0 platform; the term stands for “Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle.” The idea is to make a somewhat modular chassis to underpin trucks, SUVs, and vans. 

How big is the Toyota Rangga? 

Toyota pickup truck concept
Toyota Rangga | Toyota

According to TFLTruck, Toyota’s concept truck is said to be shorter, narrower, and lighter than the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Hilux. This thing is little. The little modular chassis can plug and play with multiple bodies and do a similar thing with multiple powertrains. Because the Rangga is a concept vehicle, Toyota hasn’t offered any insights as to what might power this tiny truck. It is easy to assume that Toyota will offer gasoline and Diesel options first, and maybe even alternative fuel versions in the future. It will have four-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive versions. Rumors even suggest that the base version will come with a manual transmission. 

Is there any chance the Toyota Rangga could come to the U.S.? 

flat bed pickup truck concept
Toyota Rangga | Toyota

Unfortunately, there is almost no shot the Rangga will ever come to the U.S. – at least, until it’s old enough to import. The issue is the Rangga was never designed to even try to comply with U.S. DoT standards. 

We here at MotorBiscuit aren’t haters, though. Just because we won’t get it doesn’t mean we don’t want our pals in Indonesia to get such a stout little Toyota pickup truck. 

Anytime a small pickup truck actually gets made in our current world, I am heartened. Maybe, if we cross our fingers and wish real hard, the market will come around like fashion. Just like 90’s style is returning to the closest of our young people before we know it, we’ll be driving a tiny little pickup truck with cloth seats, a 5-speed box, and a tape deck to the mall for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers tape. OK, maybe we could do without the tape part.