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The world of EV SUVs is constantly changing. One force aiding in this change is the startup company Lucid Motors. Of course, the automaker already has a budding reputation due to the Lucid Air, but its upcoming electric SUV is the talk of the town. Meet the 2024 Lucid Gravity, which the company is now testing on American roads. It’s an ultra-powered luxury SUV that will have impeccable range and features. It’s predicted that the 2024 Gravity will set the tone for luxury EVs of the future. 

Long range and power

2024 Lucid Gravity from the front
2024 Lucid Gravity | Luid Motors

Details about the new Lucid SUV are still pretty scarce. The automaker showed the vehicle uncovered for the first time late last year. Now, we’ve seen it with a special wrapping while being tested on U.S. soil. Regarding performance, Lucid Motors say the electric SUV will provide performance similar to a sports car and the industry’s best range. 

The Lucid Motors website notes that it will exceed everything except the Lucid Air. According to Car and Driver, that means the 2024 Lucid Gravity would deliver between 489 horsepower and 1050 hp. For context, the Lucid Air Grand Touring is the EV with the longest range of anything else available. It is expected that there will be multiple motor and battery pack options for the mysterious SUV.

Regarding charging, the Lucid Air can gain 300 miles with only 20 minutes of charging with a fast charger. Since the new Lucid SUV seems to be similar to the Air, we’d expect similar charging times for comparable trims. 

The 2024 Gravity will feature a glass cockpit

2024 Lucid Gravity being tested
2024 Lucid Gravity | Lucid Motors

The interior of the new Lucid SUV will be a work of art. One of the highlights is that it will feature an updated version of the iconic glass cockpit used in the Lucid Air. This will include a new version of the Lucid UX operating system. For comparison, the glass cockpit in the Lucid Air uses a floating 34-inch display that wraps around the driver. It displays important information within the driver’s line of sight and presents in 5K.

Lucid Motors claims the new electric SUV will be spacious and include tons of cargo storage. Like the Air, the new Lucid SUV will feature many top of the line features without the interior feeling crowded. In addition, it will have three rows and seat up to seven, but it will also have flexible seating options.

The new Lucid SUV will have a futuristic look

2024 Lucid Gravity electric SUV being tested
2024 Lucid Gravity | Lucid Motors

Though there are pictures of the 2024 Lucid Gravity, the world still hasn’t fully viewed the vehicle. However, we know that the electric SUV will feature a uniquely futuristic exterior. This look is highlighted by the eye-catching head and tail light design we’ve seen for the upcoming vehicle. Of course, as the name suggests, it continues with the space theme that Lucid Motors embodies.

Pre-orders should begin soon for the Lucid Gravity, and there is currently a waitlist for the SUV. Hopefully, Lucid Motors will soon reveal more concrete information regarding its new all-electric SUV.