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Like many moments in history, one of the best things that came out of the success of a huge corporation is competition providing alternatives. Lucid Motors was born as the brainchild of a former Tesla engineer. Though there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of Tesla vehicles, a healthy market is one that isn’t saturated or dominated by one company and product. Now that the Lucid Air is on the road, though, it’s time to see if it is as good as it’s said to be!

Lucid Air Grand Touring gets over 400 miles during testing

a lucid air, with 520 miles of range according to the epa, but 500 miles on real testing, this the new king of ev range
Lucid Air GT | Lucid

According to Car and Driver, the Lucid Air Grand Touring they had in their possession smashed the previous highway EV range test record. Importantly, Car and Driver tests EV range in real-world scenarios rather than on closed courses. EV range is an important metric for many potential buyers, so real-world testing is the best way to get definitive answers.

At 75 miles per hour on an actual interstate, the Lucid Air Grand Touring achieved a range o 410 miles on a single charge. C&D reports that this beats the previous record, held by the 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, by over 90 miles. Moreover, this is the first time Car and Driver testing has had an EV crack the 400-mile barrier during testing. Interestingly enough, though, despite setting the record, the Air Grand Touring was actually still pretty far off the mark for its advertised range capability.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is available with up to 516 miles of advertised range when equipped with the standard 19-inch wheels and EV-specific tires. However, the model Car and Driver tested is on 21-inch wheels with standard summer tires. Even still, the EPA estimates that the car should get about 469 miles of range on a charge.

It is also worth noting, of course, that the previous record holder, the Tesla, also fell very short of its advertised range. Its EPA estimate is 402 miles of charge range, but it managed only to get 320 during Car and Driver testing.

Why do these EVs fall short of their advertised range?

The Lucid Air, like this one, cruises down a back road.
Lucid Air | Lucid

Car and Driver states that the reason their tests consistently net lower ranges than the EPA estimates is that they test at higher speeds. This phenomenon is consistent throughout all of their EV tests, save for the Porsche Taycan, which actually beat its EPA range estimate. Though traveling consistently at 75 mph is not how most folks’ daily commutes go, it gives a better insight into road trips and longer travel with EVs.

That’s really a helpful metric, too, considering the majority of the world has a daily commute that is far less substantial than 400 miles. Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons folks hesitate to buy an EV is range anxiety. So, definitive real-world testing under road trip conditions is excellent.

Overall, it seems that the Lucid Air is living up to its expectations in the grand scheme of things. The Grand Touring isn’t even the longest-range Lucid Air model offered. Additionally, the Air has an extremely wide variety of price points that make it available to a broad spectrum of shoppers. This vehicle is super exciting, and it paints a bright future ahead for Lucid Motors.


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