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Ford keeps bringing back old names, like the Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco, and it’s not done yet. Now a new Ford Ranchero could be in the works. The Maverick used to be a car, but the Ford Ranchero was a classic truck, making sense for the name of a new truck. 

The Ford Ranchero is coming back from the grave 

Ford Ranchero rendering
2022 Ford Ranchero rendering | 21Truck

Reportedly, the 2023 Ford Ranchero is a unibody truck that’s expected to replace the extremely popular Ford Courier truck. It will feature a unibody design like the Ford Maverick and pay respects to its original build. 

The first Ranchero came out in 1957 with a unique configuration. It was adapted from a two-door station wagon platform that integrated the cab and cargo bed onto the body. It came out two years before the El Camino. 

It was the first car with a truck bed and remained in production until 1979. It was discontinued due to declining sales. Ford believed people needed a more affordable, compact option. So, the Mazda-based Courier replaced it. 

What to expect with the 2023 Ranchero 

We’re still waiting for the official 2023 Ford Ranchero specs, but rumors suggest that it will have a lot in common with the Ford Maverick. It may ride on the same platform, which is what the Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport use. 

This seems a little odd. Instead of making a brand new truck, why doesn’t Ford sell the Maverick in other countries? It serves as a cheap compact truck, which is what the Courier and Ranchero aim for. 

The Ranchero is expected to be a little bigger than the Courier with a larger cab. We wouldn’t mind if the Maverick had a little passenger and cargo space too. Anyways, rumors suggest that the Ranchero could be built on the Ford Explorer’s platform instead. 

If it’s built on the Explorer’s platform, then it might have a larger truckbed, like the classic Ranchero. The Maverick can tow up to 4,000 lbs and carry a payload of up to 1,564 lbs. Hopefully, the Ranchero will match or surpass these figures. 

If the Ranchero is exclusive to South America, then it might feature diesel engines that don’t meet the higher emission standards in the United States. 

The Maverick has a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that’s paired with an electric motor to crank out 191 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque. You can upgrade to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine for 250 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. 

How much does the Ranchero cost? 

A red 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat towing an RV camper motorhome down a stretch of country highway
2022 Ford Maverick Lariat | The Ford Motor Company

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The 2023 Ford Ranchero is expected to start around $20,000, like the Ford Maverick. We wonder if it will have a single cab like the original Ranchero. A compact truck with two doors could be a pretty popular option. 

With only two doors, the Ford Ranchero could compete with the Ford Maverick without killing it because some people need the rear seat for their kids and pets. It would be even better if the Ranchero gains more power. 

We should learn more about the Ford Ranchero soon. It will arrive at dealerships by 2023. We hope this truck comes to America, but it could be limited to other countries.