NADA Has Taken the Stress Out of Shopping for a New ATV

Cars are expensive to own and maintain, but ATVs offer a more affordable way to get some off-roading thrills. Many states don’t even require ATV drivers to have a license, making these vehicles more accessible. However, the process of buying a new or used ATV is often just as extensive as purchasing a car.

You can often find popular ATVs for cheap, but powerful models are more expensive. You might also be unfamiliar with ATV dealers in your area or the fairest price for the one you want. If you’re purchasing a new ATV for the first time, we recommend trying NADA’s ATV Buying Program.

What is NADA?

The National Association of Automobile Dealers (NADA) is one of the most trusted sources for accurate motor vehicle values. Its founders convinced Congress that automobiles were an essential part of the economy. And to used-car dealers’ delight, NADA published its Used Car Guide in 1993.

NADA has also worked closely with J.D. Power for many years. J.D. Power publishes informative research articles about many vehicles and assigns each model a reliability rating. Dealers also frequently use rather than other popular sites like Kelley Blue Book to price used vehicles.

How does NADA determine the best prices?

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NADA used to assign values to cars only, but it has since broadened its scope to include any motor vehicle. The association evaluates used vehicles based on four factors. If the vehicle is in great condition, its assigned retail value will be closer to its MSRP. NADA also factors mileage into the equation, pricing vehicles with high mileage slightly lower even if they’re classic cars.

If a used vehicle is equipped with any optional accessories, those will also increase the car’s value. Finally, NADA considers the vehicle’s location. This is because the economic outlook or supply and demand can differ between rural and urban areas.

How does the ATV Buying Program work?

NADA’s ATV Buying Program is simple to use. First, decide which ATV you want to buy and set your location. The search will pull up dealers near you with the lowest prices. NADA’s website will also list special offers before you even make a trip to the dealership.

You can even redeem these special offers online to save some time. Because of NADA’s long-standing and reliable reputation, you know you’re getting the best price.

Find great new ATVs

NADA’s simple buying program makes it easy to find great ATVs, such as the Suzuki KingQuad 750. It’s the cheapest bike on the market, but you might be able to find a good deal in your area. The KingQuad 750 retails for $14,000, but it offers plenty of brawn to justify that price.

The engine is more powerful and torquey than ever, plus it’s equipped with a braking system for better traction. Because the intakes are placed high on its body, you can take the KingQuad through mud with no problems. It can also tow almost 1,500 pounds.

If you want something more modestly equipped, the Polaris Sportsman is also a great ATV. It usually costs around $6,000, but it still has a great engine and a smooth ride. The power steering and increased ground clearance also make it easier to explore rough terrain.

If you’ve ever purchased a car, you know how salespeople can try to sweet-talk you into paying more. The same is true when with new ATVs. Fortunately, if you use NADA’s Buying Guide, you’ll be well-informed of the ATV’s true value ahead of time.