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Elon Musk took advantage of a natural disaster to promote the Telsa Cybertruck. All press is good press, right? As hurricane Ian batters the east coast, Elon wants you to know that the Tesla Cybertruck can serve as a boat, but some critics are skeptical. 

Elon Musk says the Tesla Cybertruck is waterproof 

Tesla Cybertruck in water
Tesla Cybertruck | Tech Division

Despite facing multiple delays, the Tesla Cybertruck is still a thing, and Elon Musk loves reminding us about it. During the wake of a national tragedy, he took the opportunity to get the spotlight on himself and the futuristic truck. 

According to Edmunds, Elon Musk tweeted that the Telsa Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve as a boat briefly, so it can cross rivers, lakes, and seas that aren’t too choppy. 

Now we might be old-fashioned, but when it comes to flood waters, it’s best to turn around and don’t drown. When Musk says the Cybertruck can briefly serve as a boat, how much time does it actually have? 

Also, surging hurricane waters and flash floods are incredibly strong. It whips boats, cars, homes, and more away. Please don’t try to enter the storm. Also, what does ‘water-proof’ enough mean? 

What happens when you hit the waterproof limit? Will water enter the seals? Will the truck become flooded and sink? 

What can the Cybertruck actually do? 

Well, we’re still waiting for the Tesla Cybertruck to arrive to test its limits. It was supposed to enter production back in 2021, but the final design is just being finalized. If Elon suggested the Cybertruck could fight the sea, then his lawyers might be stressed out. 

It won’t come as a surprise if the Cybertruck comes with a legal disclaimer about swimming in the sea. 

Back in 2020, Elon Musk shared that the Cybertruck and Tesla Model S can both float for a short period of time. The wheel rotation would provide trust. However, the company recommends that nobody attempts to float. 

Musk also noted that the Cybertruck needs the ability to cross the channel to South Padre, Texas. Will it be delayed even further to make it more boat-like? 

When Musk claimed that the truck would feature “Tesla Armor Glass’, but was shattered by Tesla’s own Franz von Holzausen during the truck’s reveal. 

Also, the Cybertruck is expected to provide over 500 miles of range with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. It’s expected to tow up to 14,000 lbs too. 

When will the Cybertruck come out?

Tesla Cybertruck on the road
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter production by the middle of 2023 and should go on sale shortly after. It’s currently only available in North America, as orders for Europe have been paused. 

Initially, the price was expected to begin at $39,990. However, that is going to change. The new official price hasn’t been revealed, but Musk shared costs will rise due to supply chain issues and rising inflation. 

The full self-driving package may add $15,000 to the price and come with a monthly subscription fee. However, we will have to wait for the Tesla Cybertruck to actually arrive to learn more. 

Until then, please don’t try to use your truck or SUV as a boat. Stay safe out there, listen to emergency officials, and turnaround, don’t drown.


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