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Shh, if you listen closely, you can hear the heartbeat of the Tesla Cybertruck. Somehow, this electric truck is clinging to life despite having a weak pulse. Elon Musk is still working on the Tesla Cybertruck, which could enter production soon. 

Elon Musk hopes the Tesla Cybertruck enters production by 2023 

The Tesla Cybertruck parked indoors
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

We are concerned about the Tesla Cybertruck because, after multiple delays, it seemed like it might not make it. However, according to Inside EVs, it’s not time for the Cybertruck to let go. Elon Musk recently provided comments about the truck’s future roadmap reveal. 

But don’t get your hopes up too high. Musk shared that the Cybertruck is still a long way off. Entering production by 2023 is just a hopeful goal. This is disappointing news for Tesla fans that are tired of waiting. 

Those who have been waiting for the Cybertruck are seeing people accept deliveries of the Rivian R1T. Plus, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is about to hit the streets. New options like the Chevy Silverado EV and Ram 1500 EV are in the works too. 

Why does the Cybertruck keep getting delayed? 

Elon Musk points to the demand for current Tesla vehicles as a reason for Tesla Cybertruck delays. Tesla can’t succeed if it focuses on future vehicles instead of existing options. 

Basically, Tesla doesn’t want to fall behind on satisfying the enormous growing demand for vehicles that people can buy right now.

Musk shared these concerns during a recent speech to factory workers during the official grand opening of the new Tesla Gigafactory in Germany. He also danced, acted silly, and took the time to sign autographs in his usual fashion. 

Does this mean that he’s taking the Tesla Cybertruck seriously? At least he took the time to attempt to clarify the Cybertruck situation. Tesla will try to finish Cybertruck development by the end of 2022. Then hopefully, the truck will enter production by 2023. 

People might want more than hope. The Cybertruck was first revealed in 2019, with the goal of launching by the end of 2021. Then the truck was pushed back to 2022. Now fans might get their truck sometime in 2023. 

People are dealing with a potential four-year wait for the Cybertruck, if not longer. Plus, it seems like there’s more interest in current vehicles and meeting demand that Tesla is struggling to keep up with. 

What problems does the Cybertruck face? 

2023 Tesla Cybertruck
2023 Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

We’re wondering how much Elon Musk cares about the Tesla Cybertruck. He shared that if the futuristic truck fails, then he will launch a truck with more of a traditional style. Some people love the look, and others hate it. 

It’s possible that by the time the Cybertruck eventually comes out, the design will feel dated. Plus, Musk hates the design of the massive windshield wiper and can’t seem to get something with a more subtle strategy to work. 

But if he doesn’t care if the truck fails, then why does the wiper matter? Plus, Tesla is facing similar issues as other auto manufacturers. The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage is causing delays, and they don’t have enough battery cells. 

Despite receiving criticism for pushing the Cybertruck back again, Tesla is working on issues with current vehicles. We will keep an eye on Cybertruck progress and hope it actually comes out one day. 


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