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GMC is one of the most popular American automakers, and the company has options in a variety of segments. The 2023 GMC Savana is the company’s primary cargo and passenger van option. Despite being a relatively unpopular segment, the Savana gets a surprising amount of sales every year. Overall though, the 2023 GMC Savana doesn’t come with too many options, but here’s a look at how much a fully loaded version of the van will cost.

A brief overview of the 2023 GMC Savana passenger van

Currently, GMC offers the Savana as both a passenger and cargo van. The passenger van version has two trims, with the LS as the standard trim. It starts at about $44,000, while the top trim, the LT, starts at $46,000. Both trims start with the same 4.3-liter V6, providing 276 hp and 298 lb-ft of torque. However, an optional 6.6-liter V8 gets 401 hp and 448 lb-ft of torque. 

Four rows of seats allow the passenger van to seat up to 12 people. Vinyl upholstery is standard, but the top trim gets cloth upholstery instead. Both trims also max out with a cargo capacity of 218 cu. ft. The top trim adds some smart safety features, such as forward collision warning, while those features are missing on the base trim.

GMC offers over a dozen options and packages to shoppers too. For example, the Quicksilver Metallic paint job costs $500. Assist steps add about $700 to the price tag, and passenger-side sliding doors add another $200. Owners can wrap the steering wheel with leather for about $180. In total, a fully loaded Savana passenger van can go for over $69,000, with $16,000 of that coming from the accessories that GMC offers.

How much does a fully loaded 2023 GMC Savana cargo van cost?

The GMC Savana cargo van variant is more popular, and as such, it has four trim options instead. The standard trim is the 2500 Regular Wheelbase, starting at about $40,000. The 2500 Extended Wheelbase costs $42,000, while the 3500 Regular Wheelbase costs $43,000. The top trim is the 3500 Extended Wheelbase, which costs about $44,000. 

All trim options come with two seats, with the same powertrains as the passenger van version. Owners can give the van a seating capacity of five, which costs over $3,000. Many of the cargo van’s options and accessories are the same as the passenger van’s, but there are some price differences. For example, assist steps cost about $600 instead of $700. 

With all those bells and whistles added, a fully loaded Savana cargo van can cost about $70,000, with about $16,000 of that price tag coming from accessories. Additionally, GMC offers specialized packages for shoppers using the van for hospitals, paratransit, or hotels. The ambulance package, for example, costs $1,500, but it removes some features from the cargo van.

General Motors will replace the Savana and Express with EVs

The GMC Savana and its Chevy cousin, the Express, will eventually be replaced by EVs, according to Autoweek. They’ll be discontinued in 2025, and for the 2026 model year, GM will introduce a new electric van. 

That electric van will be different from the Brightdrop series of electric vans that GM is selling right now. The lineup will be smaller than the vans that Brightdrop is building and will use GM’s Ultium battery packs. However, not much else is currently known about these upcoming vans.

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