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The first 500 FedEx electric delivery vans have arrived from GM‘s Brightdrop. The package delivery service company is the first to get its hands on Brightdrop’s new electric commercial vehicle, the EV600. Most importantly, this is another step in the right direction for reducing emissions. Delivery vans and semi-trucks going electric will positively impact the environment in a huge way.

FedEx electric delivery vans from GM’s Brightdrop

A white FedEx delivery van, which will soon be replaced with BrightDrop EV600 models, the next electric delivery van.
FedEx Delivery Van | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to CarScoops, FedEx aims to make its global operations carbon neutral by 2040. A fleet of electric delivery vehicles is the first of many steps toward reaching that goal.

“The delivery of the first BrightDrop EV600s is a historic moment, born out of a spirit of collaboration between two leading American companies. Transforming our pickup and delivery fleet to electric vehicles is integral to achieving our ambitious sustainability goals announced earlier this year. This collaborative effort shows how businesses can take action to help usher in a lower-emissions future for all.” said Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer of FedEx.

Additionally, Brightdrop CEO Travis Katz commented on the partnership with FedEx: “As e-commerce continues to grow, BrightDrop is thrilled to partner with FedEx in our mission to dramatically reduce vehicle emissions from delivery and deliver a brighter future for all of us. FedEx has ambitious sustainability goals, and the speed with which we brought the first BrightDrop electric vehicles to market shows how the private sector can innovate and help bring solutions for some of our biggest climate- and emissions-related challenges.”

What is the GM BrightDrop EV600 electric delivery van?

A black and white BrightDrop EV600 from GM, an electric deliver van that will soon take over FedEx.
BrightDrop EV600 electric delivery van | BrightDrop

If FedEx is already purchasing 500 units from BrightDrop, you know they mean business. The EV600 must be something special to be the electric delivery van of choice for such a massive company.

The EV600 electric delivery van is based on GM’s Ultium platform. In addition, it has a driving range of 250 miles per charge. Once the van is drained, it supports up to a 120 kW DC fast charger to regain power. The DC fast chargers can provide 170 miles of range in as little as an hour. That’s excellent news for delivery drivers, who can waste little time on their routes. Fortunately, if FedEx charges the EV600 models nightly, drivers should usually always be good to go for the entire day.

Subsequently, the EV600 electric delivery van comes with sliding pocket doors, wide walkways, and 600 cubic feet of cargo space. Additionally, a 13.4-inch infotainment system lives on the front dashboard. The massive cargo area comes with a security system with motion sensors, perfect for keeping your packages safe.

Most importantly, the EV600 comes equipped with plenty of standard safety features. IntelliBeam automatic high beam headlights ensure late-night driving is easily manageable. In addition, lane keep assist, front/rear park assist, and an HD rear camera comes with every EV600 model.

What is GM’s BrightDrop?


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FedEx electric delivery vans are great, but why araren’they just made by General Motors themselves? At the beginning of 2021, GM announced a few things at CES, one of which was BrightDrop. BrightDrop’s primary purpose is to tap into the growing demand for commercial electric vehicles.

The company’s first product was a cabinet titled the EP1. Moreover, the EP1 can hold 200 lbs and 23 cubic feet of cargo. Secondly, it’s capable of moving up to 3 mph and its purpose is for carrying heavy packages. BrightDrop says the EP1 was designed to carry goods short distances, such as from a delivery vehicle to a customer’s front door.

The BrightDrop brand name will continue to create products like this one. GM’s newest electric delivery van will boost the FedEx business toward its carbon-neutral goal. FedEx electric delivery vans are a bright look into the future, and they’ll be the envy of other drivers. GM’s BrightDrop EV600 is safe and capable, and you might see one pull up to your house soon.