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There are some SUVs that everyone wants, even if the reputation rivals something Taylor Swift might sing about. Jeep and Toyota are some of the most popular automakers in the midsize SUV segment. The Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicles have earned enduring popularity in the automotive market despite occasional bumps in the road.

Reliable midsize SUVs like this Jeep Grand Cherokee are popular
A 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland | Jeep

According to sales data, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most popular midsize SUV so far in 2023. GoodCarBadCar shows that the Grand Cherokee continues to rack up sales this year, with 70,455 units sold in Q3 2023 alone. So far this year, the popular Jeep SUV has 124,957 sales to its name, which keeps it at the top of the charts. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s rugged charm and off-road capability attract adventure seekers and those seeking comfort and style.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and its success are a bit of an enigma. At the same time, most shoppers and automakers aim for reliability as the top consideration; that has never really been the name of Jeep’s game. However, the success of the Grand Cherokee is a testament to the fact that reliability is like beauty. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then reliability can be too.

Many Jeep owners want a vehicle that won’t break down on daily drivers but can also handle weekend adventures. It doesn’t necessarily mean hitting one million miles and getting into the Guinness World Records book. On the other hand, the Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicle boasts a reputation for family-friendliness, with spacious interiors and a smooth, comfortable ride. Does that make it more popular than the Grand Cherokee?

What midsize SUV is the best buy?

Reliable midsize SUVs like this Toyota Highlander are popular
The 2023 Toyota Highlander | Amanda Cline, MotorBiscuit

The Toyota Highlander is closely behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee in midsize SUV sales. When you look up reliability in the dictionary, you might see a photo of Toyota SUVs. While the Toyota Land Cruiser is historically known as one of the most reliable vehicles money can buy, it left the American market for a few years. In the midsize SUV segment, the Toyota Highlander is considered one of the more reliable options.

The sales numbers for the Toyota Highlander show that the SUV sold around 57,920 units in Q3 2023 and 130,517 units for the year. Even with its stellar history of dependability, the Grand Cherokee has pulled ahead in sales for more years than not.

iSeeCars looks at other data to determine how long a vehicle has the potential to last. Around 1.5% of Toyota Highlanders on the road have hit 200,000 miles or more, higher than the average of 0.9%. iSeeCars ranks the Highlander as the ninth most reliable SUV with three rows behind the Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and Honda Pilot.

iSeeCars found that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was the seventh most reliable midsize SUV in its respective segment. Around 0.9% of Grand Cherokee SUVs on the road have hit 200,000 miles or more, which is average. While shoppers are looking for a long-lasting vehicle, looking outside the box might be a good idea. The Grand Cherokee has the potential to last 200,000 miles or more, just like any Toyota vehicle, provided it receives routine maintenance and proper care.

What midsize SUV has the best ratings?

Currently, neither the Jeep Grand Cherokee nor the Toyota Highlander are the highest-rated midsize SUVs. Thanks to versatility and affordability, the Kia Telluride and the Hyundai Palisade are probably two of the highest-rated midsize vehicles. However, that hasn’t slowed sales for the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the Toyota Highlander.

There are only so many vehicles to go around, especially in the last few years, as demand was higher than supply. Jeep has a winning formula figured out in the Grand Cherokee, and buyers seem to respond to that. The Toyota Highlander and its reputation for reliability aren’t going anywhere, but that fills the need for a different type of shopper. One of the reasons the midsize SUV segment is as large as it is could directly relate to how different customer needs are. Regardless, these sport utility vehicles are both excellent options, high-reliability score or not.


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