Most Gawd-Awful Bugatti Ever Made: And It’s for Sale

No this is not Freak Show Friday but it would definitely qualify. This is what was called the Civic Gatti. It was a body kit to convert a Honda Civic into a Bugatti Veyron. It was more like turning a Honda Civic into a hot mess. As you can imagine, few were sold because the premise was bad and it looked Gawd-awful. The questions like how and why are just too vexing to contemplate. Suffice to say it’s like vinyl tops on Cadillacs. The old adage: “There’s an ass for every seat” very much applies here. To us, it has to be the most Gawd-awful Bugatti ever made and it’s now for sale.

It takes certain Bugatti Veyron cues and projectile-vomits them around the Civic

This is not so much a Bugatti conversion as it is a body kit that takes certain Veyron cues and projectile-vomits them around the Civic. But for horrific as it is your mind bends taking it all in while asking why. If there ever was an unanswered question in the universe you’re looking at it right here. 

As far as we know there was never any advertising that went with this freak show, but years ago an eBay auction for the kit showed up.

Here are some of the highlights:

The kit fits 1992-1995 Civic two-door coupes. While touting no modifications were needed on the fiberglass pieces “some modification will be necessary to you vehicule metal body to ensemble the kit.” Say, what? 

To be as clear as mud it goes on to say, “Total of 8 fiberglass pcs are part of these kit. This is a fiberglass kit only, vehicule is not included.” This last part was necessary because the price was listed at $4,500 + shipping. So one could only conclude that the price included the “vehicule” because the kit itself couldn’t be sold for that much cha-cha. 

We are wondering if these two Bugatti “conversions” are the same car?

We’ve included a picture from that eBay auction because we suspect this is the same car. The wheels are murdered out and the paint is, ah, more dramatic, but it all looks like the same stuff was used on both. The wheels, for instance, are the same except for the Krylon black paint. The same goes for the stance, side-view mirrors, and gas cap. There are too many similarities for it not to be the same Honda. 

Inside there are more joys. The interior has received $1,600 of upgrades which surely continue the Bugatti look and feel. There are a custom digital dash and aftermarket audio system with four speakers in each door. The seats are leather-covered with “Civic Gatti” embroidered into the headrests for that distinctive touch of class. Who is Gatti BTW?

Alas, there’s no Bugatti engine. The stock four-banger has been retained with some modest upgrades for, you know, adding that extra Bugatti power curve. With 74,000 miles on the ticker, it is relatively low miles for a car of this age.

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We’re no further in our quest for why this exists than when we started our journey

But the answer to “why” is in fact revealed in the posting. The answer to one of the mysteries of the universe can now be revealed, they “did it for fun, conversations, shows, and comments.” Those reasons taken individually are hard to understand. Together this points to a highly disturbed individual. No offense, seller. It’s just one man’s opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Motor Biscuit, Endgame 360, or anyone associated with this site. Having the answer to this perplexing motivation raises more questions than it answers. And so we’re no further in our quest for why this exists than when we started our journey. 

Some things are just never meant to be answered.