2020 Honda Civic Coupe Sport on the beach
Sedans & Coupes

Why Is the Honda Civic So Popular?

If you have ever shopped for a compact car, then the Honda Civic was likely one of the first cars you thought of. And that’s no surprise, considering the Civic has been a household name and one of Honda’s top-selling models for the past few decades. The Honda Civic is easily one of the most …

Sedans & Coupes

Are Coupes a Dying Breed?

No matter which way we look at the new car market today, we have to admit that SUVs and crossovers are reigning supreme. And while sedans aren’t getting as much love as before, coupes are darn near extinct. It makes sense, considering the two-door, sporty nature of a coupe body style lends itself to being …

A car shopper inspecting a Honda Civic
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Why Are Old Hondas So Expensive?

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Honda vehicles retain their value better than most cars on the used market and it’s been like that for the last couple of decades. Take a quick look at any classified car website and you’ll notice that many of the used Honda models made in the last five years …