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There are several rules that drivers are required to follow. However, not adhering to some road regulations can result in your car being towed. Typically, there are warning signs, but what could cause someone to have your vehicle towed isn’t always so cut and dry. This is especially the case when it comes to parking.

Here are the most common reasons your car could be towed.

Parking is the most common reason your car could be towed

Depending on where you live, parking can be a nightmare. This is why some drivers risk parking where they know they’re not allowed or ignore signs. Parking in a restricted area could easily result in someone towing your car. Restricted parking areas include parking specifically for businesses you’re not patronizing, residential parking, emergency zones, and anywhere else with signs warning against unauthorized parking.

The cost of a tow isn't cheap
Car being towed | krblokhin via iStock

Drivers often think they have enough time to run errands while their car is illegally parked. However, this isn’t usually the case. A person could call a tow truck, and your vehicle could be hooked up in the time it takes to order takeout from a restaurant or to grab a few items from the store. In non emergency situations, it’s best to take the time and look for legal parking.

It’s also necessary to point out that leaving your car parked on public streets for ten days or more could result in it being towed. By definition, this is abandoning your vehicle.

There are other reasons your car could be hauled away

Parking issues aren’t the only reasons your car could be towed. It could be hauled away due to a lack of up-to-date documentation. Notably, expired registration tags are a huge red flag and are one of the biggest reasons your vehicle could end up on the back of a tow truck. The same is true for inspection stickers where states require them. However, this is less likely.

Police officers could have your car towed for driving with a suspended license. This is also the case for people who drive without car insurance. Of course, law enforcement may have your car hauled away on a tow truck for driving under the influence. In a nutshell, drivers should ensure they have proper documentation and park where they’re allowed.

Having your vehicle towed isn’t cheap. According to The Zebra the average cost is $109. Not only must the owner pay for any fees, but the towing yard will only keep the vehicle for a certain amount of time before auctioning it off. In most cases, this is an unnecessary and stressful experience for drivers.