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Jeep makes one of the best midsize SUVs of all time. However, the automaker’s reliability has been called into question quite a bit. This reputation remains as Jeep has three of the least reliable vehicles on the market for 2024, which are the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee L. While many people might have positive experiences with these Jeep SUVs, they aren’t predicted to be reliable.

These Jeep vehicles aren’t the most reliable

The Jeep Wrangler has made strides to become more reliable in recent years. However, despite being among the best midsize SUVs, the Wrangler has problems. Kelley Blue Book says it’s one of the ten least reliable models on the market. The list ranked vehicles from 1 to 100, and the Wrangler has a 27.

The 2024 Jeep Wrangler is not the most reliable
2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Stellantis

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is also one of the least reliable vehicles for 2024. In fact, it falls right behind the 2024 Jeep Wrangler with a score of 26 out of 100. Even worse for 2024 is the Jeep Grand Cherokee L. This model has a 23 out of 100 for reliability. It’s also important to note that Jeep vehicles are the only models with more than two entries on the list.

As mentioned, these vehicles having low reliability scores doesn’t mean they are largely problematic. They could be ranked the way they are because of various issues that aren’t significant. Still, it’s important to acknowledge that the Jeep Cherokee has never been highly reliable and that the automaker is discontinuing it.

The least reliable vehicles aren’t surprising

Jeep vehicles aren’t alone on the list of the least reliable models. One entry on the list is the Rivian R1T, which has a 22 out of 100. While this is a beloved vehicle, there have been recalls since it entered the market. Notably, people have complained about the R1T powertrain. It’s also important to point out that many new vehicles struggle with reliability.

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is alongside Jeep vehicles on the list and happens to be the least reliable. It has a 14 out of 100 for reliability. This is pretty on par with the overall reputation of the minivan. Notably, its reliability ratings from other platforms are also pretty low.

Reliability is paramount for vehicles because they are expensive investments. However, it’s also important to mention that no two models are the same. Many people own the Jeep Grand Cherokee and have never had serious issues with the vehicle. Additionally, the Wrangler is among the best midsize SUVs but consistently makes lists of unreliable vehicles.