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Two full-size pickup manufacturers have been hit with huge recalls on the same day. Both the Ram and Ford F-150 pickups are being recalled by the NHTSA. In Ram’s case, it also takes in Dodge Durango SUVs, and both 2500 and 3500 chassis cabs. For Ford, it is for 2021 F-150s. 

Over 400,000 Ram and Dodge models are in the recall

Blue Dodge Ram 4x4 pickup truck parked on an off-road trail.
2021 Ram Power Wagon 75th Anniversary Edition | Stellantis

There are over 400,000 Ram and Dodge models affected. They are the 2021-2022 Durango, 2019-2022 Ram 2500 pickup, and 2019-2022 Ram 3500 Chassis Cab trucks. An outside supplier to Stellantis, first apprised the company that a warning light might not come on if the throttle reduction capability isn’t working. If this happens, the owner won’t know to take it to the dealer for repairs. 

According to Stellantis, there have been no accidents or injuries connected with this recall. Owners of these trucks should begin seeing notification letters by May 1. For updates, you can go to Ram’s website or check with the NHTSA

How many Ford F-150 trucks are involved?

A black 2022 Ford F-150 against a night sky.
2022 Ford F-150 | Ford

The Ford trucks that are part of its recall are the 2021 F-150. It involves 157,306 trucks. Some windshield wiper motors are failing, leaving drivers without windshield wipers. Ford says there are no reported accidents or injuries. 

Owners should see recall notices by April 18. Ford will replace the windshield wiper motors free of charge. Ford’s recall site or the NHTSA site will have all the information on your truck’s recall. 

There have been three recalls for the 2021 Ram 2500 according to Cars, before this latest one. The first one was in March 2021 for trucks with the Cummins 6.7-liter Turbo-Diesel engine. Electrical shorts could start a fire-related to the Solid State Intake Heater Relay. 

Are there other recalls?

2022 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty
2022 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty | Ram

Then a recall was issued for the same electrical shorts as the previous recall. This time fire concerns recommended not parking the trucks inside of enclosed structures. The possibility of fire could happen whether the ignition was on or off. 

The following month, Ram issued a recall over its side-curtain airbags. The curtains were manufactured with the wrong amount of compressed air. It could cause improper inflation deployment upon impact. 

Ford has issued seven recalls for the 2021 F-150. Windshields not properly installed was the first recall. They could become detached from the cab in a collision. In May and again in December, there were issues with the two-piece driveshafts. In both cases, the driveshafts could either separate or fracture.

Ford has had many more F-150 recalls

Hybrid pickup truck buyer's guide
The Ford F-150 Powerboost hybrid pickup truck driving on a farm | Ford

Also in May, malfunctioning steering gears could cause the steering wheels to freeze up, or to become much harder to steer. In July, brake fluid leaking from the electronic brake booster could cause the loss of brakes from the lack of brake fluid. 

Misrouted seat belts were the next recall in August. This could cause them to not work effectively. The company advised an inspection by the owner. If it failed inspection they were to bring it into the dealership for repair or replacement. 

And in October, the front-door side-impact pressure modules could be defective. This could cause the side-impact air-bags not to deploy properly in the event of an accident. Dealers replaced the modules to fix the problem.


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