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A Ferrari 458 Speciale is one of the best modern supercars. Taking an incredible chassis design, screaming 9000-rpm flat-plane crank V8 engine, and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is a combination some can only dream of. With modern supercar technology reaching heights never thought possible, no one has complained about the DCT in the 458. Although, that didn’t stop someone from putting a manual transmission in one. Purist drivers rejoice; thanks to the genius minds at Modificata, a manual Ferrari 458 Speciale now exists.

What is Modificata?

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Yellow
2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale | Getty Images

Modificata is a Ferrari specialist company that Jeff Segal founded. The name may seem familiar, as Jeff Segal raced in United SportsCar Championship, is a two-time Rolex Sports Car Series GT class champion, and winner of the 2014 24 Hours of Daytona in GT Daytona. Segal is also the youngest race winner in Ferrari Challenge history, winning his first race at age 17. Jeff began racing for Ferrari at an early age, and he fell in love with the brand.

Shifting focus away from his racing career, Jeff began tinkering with Ferrari cars under the name Modificata. The brand was started as a way for Jeff to explore and provide modified Ferrari options to the people. Most famously, Modificata delivers a package for the Ferrari 355 that uses some of the Challenge race car parts to improve the streetcar experience.

Ferrari 458 with a manual gearbox

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale White
2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale | Getty Images

The Ferrari 458 only comes one way, with a 7-speed DCT. The transmission is incredible, providing fast, clean shifts in the blink of an eye. Using the paddle shifters gives you a sense of being in a top-level race car and allows you to keep both hands on the wheel for increased driveability. Although, some will argue that it needs a manual transmission to truly feel connected to the vehicle.

“This undertaking has been a real labor of love for us, and make no mistake, it was a long time coming,” Modifcata said in a statement with Road&Track. “For all the challenges we faced along the way, there is no better reward than the Italian symphony of 9000 rpm and the metallic click-clack of a gated shifter.” The swap to a traditional H-pattern gearbox has undoubtedly made the 458 Speciale slower, but the return is that the driving experience increases hand over fist.

How much does a Ferrari 458 Speciale cost?


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The original MSRP for the Ferrari 458 Speciale is $291,744. While it is indeed a supercar, there is no stopping Modificata from taking it and turning it into the best version possible. The current market cost for the 458 Speciale is upwards of half a million dollars. Large in part due to its rarity, the Speciale is collectible as there are only 3,500 Speciales that exist. All the more absurd for Modifcata to put in the work and make a manual transmission version.

To achieve a standard H-pattern gearbox, Modificata took a long time to develop the parts necessary for the swap. Modifications to the carbon fiber center console and pedal box were made to accommodate the new running gear. A platform for the shift gate was added to the center console, along with an AP Racing pedal set crammed into the footwell for the newly needed clutch pedal.

Would you buy a manual Ferrari 458 Speciale?

Costs aside, is a manual Ferrari 458 Speciale really worth it? There is no pricing information for the swap done by Modificata. If you had a Speciale lying around, would you want to “taint” it? Of course, many Ferrari owners are purists at heart; they would keep the original air in the tires if they could. But a manual swap doesn’t sound so absurd for those who love driving and feeling connected to the car.