Strict Ferrari Rules You Should Never Break if You Want a New Ferrari

A Ferrari is many car enthusiasts’ dream car. But sadly, it’s a dream that will never be realized thanks to the sticker price. But even the wealthy might find it difficult to score a limited edition, as it takes more than cash to snag one of these iconic cars. In fact, clients must obey some strict rules if they want a shot at purchasing a rare model hot off the assembly line in Maranello.

You have to play by these rules

A Ferrari LaFerrari in Rosso Corsa red for sale at Joe Macari Performance Cars in Wandsworth, England
Ferrari LaFerrari | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

If you thought you could walk into a Ferrari dealership and haggle for a better deal like you would for a Toyota or even a Porsche, think again. Ferrari has a lot of hoops to jump through if you want one of these gorgeous sports cars, and failing in even one area means you might never own one. The first step is a background check.

Autoevolution reports that the Italian automaker looks to see if you have a series of driving “incidents.” If you do, you’ll probably be denied. It’s also been rumored that Ferrari prefers men over the age of 40, although being female or younger than that magical age range certainly doesn’t bar you from purchasing one if you meet the criteria.

Also, you must not be a car collector who owns a Lamborghini. The rivalry between these two Italian brands is legendary, and if you own a vehicle from the Prancing Horse’s rival, you’re probably land on its no-buy list.

So, what exactly is Ferrari looking for in owners if money isn’t enough? The automaker wants pure car lovers who will hold on to and drive its vehicles, not status seekers. That leads to some rules you must obey after you become an owner.

The rules don’t stop once you own a Ferrari

Some people like to buy rare cars and then flip them for a profit. You can forget about doing that with a Ferrari. One of the stipulations you agree to when you sign on the dotted line is that you will not resell your Ferrari in your first year of ownership. That means no flipping.

You also can’t resell it after that year is up without alerting the automaker. It likes to have the option to resell the vehicle itself, which means the company carefully controls access to even used models.

You can also forget about modifying your Ferrari. Though Jeep seems to overlook, if not outright encourage, some drivers to modify their Wranglers, that’s a major no-go for Ferrari owners. It’s not the sort of thing the company will just sigh at and overlook, as music producer Deadmau5 found out the hard way after modifying his 458 Italia.

Ferrari can and will ban you from buying its cars

Adding a vinyl tribute to Nyan Cat, complete with the little Pop-Tart kitty and its sparkly rainbow trail might seem like a fun addition to a Ferrari. That’s what Joel Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5, thought anyway. But Ferrari was not amused.

The Italian automaker was swift to send a cease-and-desist letter to Deadmau5. And he removed all the vinyl, as well as the leaping cat badges he had swapped for the Prancing Horse emblem. His antics likely banned him from ever buying another Ferrari, HotCars reported. 

Deadmau5 isn’t the only celebrity to have gotten in hot water. Top Gear’s Chris Harris got in trouble by writing a less-than-flattering article. Harris claimed Ferrari sent journalists optimized cars to ensure good reviews. The company was not happy and will no longer allow Harris to test-drive or own any of its cars, HotCars reported.

But celebrities like Gordon Ramsey and Kylie Jenner have had no problem purchasing Ferraris. They have proven themselves worthy of owning these legendary vehicles by being true car lovers, and they play by Ferrari’s rules. 

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